Golden Kamuy ep 1 – The Best CGI has to offer

Thanks again to magicconnan14 for recommending this show by not recommending it but saying that he would recommend it if he wasn’t worried about what I would think. And with that mouthful of a sentence let’s talk about the show.

I’m glad I’m reviewing this show the day after I talked about a bad implementation of a fight scene at the start of the episode since this is an example of how to do a better job of it. First the fight isn’t a fight and more of a battle, it shows a world at war with huge scale and a reckless main character who can run through gun fire with the faith that he is immortal. I think it sets up the world well and shows his backstory before revealing the character post war.

There wasn’t a whole lot going on in the episode now that I think back on it because it was a lot of exposition all at once. Annoyingly it was genuinely really interesting! A guy in prison gave a secret code away by tattooing the skin of many prisoners. The person who decoded it would later find the treasure. It was interesting but I’m worried about how long my interest will last.

It takes me ages to get to writing these reviews and often more than one episode will have come out by the time I reviewed it. So I just wonder how long my interest will last. I’m stopping reviewing a lot of shows after one episode if I feel like I don’t have much to say so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t have the time to review everything really so I’m seeing what works mainly.

Then the bear showed up in all its glory. It’s strange because the rest of the show looks so great that the bear feels really out of place. Still I’m not about to go and let it ruin my enjoyment for the show… oh wait there was another bear. It’s just kind of sad really. It felt like it degraded the rest of the episode while the rest of the visuals looked pretty good.

My feelings towards the show is really mixed because I like the idea of the show but a lot of the other things about the show tell me its not going to be very good. It had a terrible long exposition scene, a huge terrible bear scene and not much else in between. So I will proceed with this show to see if the prisoner plot line is interesting enough on its own to get over all the other things to take away from the show.

Thanks for reading, what did you think of the episode? Which show should I review next? I’ve not seen many this season at all so I’m interested to see what you’re watching and what you think is good!

2 thoughts on “Golden Kamuy ep 1 – The Best CGI has to offer

  1. Yeah that’s what battle means. I would often use them interchangeably as well though.

    I hope the wolf leaves. It’s weird to have pretty good visuals constantly ruined by an out of place CG wolf.

    When you said you were worried about my thoughts on the bear, did you mean that you didn’t think it was that bad? I just thought you meant it would maybe put me off the show and drop it.


  2. I’m guessing the difference between “fight” and “battle” for you is scale…? They’re pretty interchangeable for me.

    If the bears lowered your expectations of the show, what about the wolf?

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