DARLING in the FRANXX ep 1 – Let This Long Road to Madness Begin

It was always a given that I was going to talk about Darling in the FranXX at some point so why not start now despite it not being finighed? At the current rate that I’m releasing episode reviews at the season will be over by the time I’ve finished it anyway!

I probably won’t make notes on this show because it’s darling in the franxx, so you’re just getting some random ideas from here.

The design of the franxx confuses me. At first I thought I got it but it became clear through the episode that what I thought a franxx looked like was actually completely different.

I thought the franxx was basically a huge f1 car. The girl was lying down in the front of the f1 car with the guy standing vertically at the back. I did not realise it was a huge mech basically, and its pretty disappointing because its not nearly as interesting because of it.

I had expected the main guy to be like the guys on yugioh 5ds, shout “LET’S REV IT UP!” and then ram the steering wheel as fast as they could while the girl is screaming and shaking from the force. But it clearly wasn’t like that and I blame the controversy for ruining my expectations! From the sheer amount of controversy that episode 1 stirred up I had a much different idea of what the mech was in my head. People blew the issue way out of proportion to the extent that I imagined it to be basically hentai when everything in the episode was insanely tame. The show doesn’t even show the insides of the mech so there shouldn’t be any issues towards the drama at all! Who cares what situation the pilots are in if you can’t see it?!

The main character isn’t great in my opinion. He’s a standard shy guy and its annoying to constantly be ranting at the MC in your head to get the girl! Luckily for him he encounters a special kind of woman that you only find in anime who is extremely sexual and likes embarrassing him. I get that he’s sad and socially awkward from walking through a swamp since birth but he seems way too normal even for that.

The girl was another fairly trope character whose overly sexual, but I sort of liked her anyway. She seems to have a lot more going on really. It’s like she’s above it all, is cocky, smart and also devious. The way her character is animated communicates this well so it’s fun.

In this episode the show explained very little. We didn’t get much explanation at all for anything. But it was a sign of worry for the future that the exact amount of time that could have been spent explaining things was spent showing us things that were deliberately meant to confuse us. It wasn’t really a great sign because those things didn’t provide me with a whole lot of intrigue.

What is the orphanage and the place that the main character stays? We vaguely know but it’s not a whole lot to go on.

Alright maybe episode two will reach the stupid levels that I imagined it would reach due to the hype. If it’s not then maybe it would be a good way to give me an easy out to stop watching the show.

2 thoughts on “DARLING in the FRANXX ep 1 – Let This Long Road to Madness Begin

  1. Sixteen episodes later and explanations are still few and far between. They really aren’t big on actually just giving the audience an answer to anything and to be honest the holding out on explaining everything has been bothering me for awhile. Mostly because a lot of what we’ve had in the interim has just been filler while they stretch out the space before reveals. I don’t mind delayed reveals when what I’m watching is intriguing but by the time we got to the beach episode I was pretty much disconnecting from the narrative in this one. There’s still enough going on that I haven’t wanted to drop it, but it isn’t a show I’m planning on watching again.

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    1. Yeah well most shows are ones I don’t re-watch so I’m not worrying about that! It sucks that they don’t explain it though.

      I’ve been reading Liar Game recently and it has long reveals but it’s really interesting so I get what you mean.

      You would have hoped that since it was an original show they would make it a passion project but I’m really disappointed now that you mention a beach episode.

      I’m very open to dropping anime’s so if I’m not grabbed by anything in particular then I will leave it. I just want this show to be good because I think the premise is so funny!

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