A Huge Mumkey vs Digibro Dissection Does Not Need to Exist

A Huge Mumkey vs Digibro dissection does not need to exist because at the end of the day the answer to who’s wrong is fairly obvious. I don’t feel like anyone who doesn’t know the context will get anything out of this but if you want here’s the videos to sort of explain what happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiWqeeP1WHo&t=4s, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEz1gK6iRVw&t=44s .

So of the ten PCP members Jesse and Mumkey didn’t get a vote and neither did Davoo who seemed to have missed the whole thing leaving 7 members left to vote. So this means 4/8 people would have voted him out when you factor that Mumkey and Jesse would not have got a say. 50% is not a majority but here’s why I don’t mind.

If anyone else had a vote put against them the vote would have been 0/10. 50% of the PCP did not like him and that’s a terrible percentage for a podcast that’s meant to be within friends. The founding member left because of him and it just doesn’t sit well with me that it happened.

A common criticism of the PCP is how much Digibro forced it. I’m happy to admit that Digi is an asshole but Digi forcing it is a point against Mumkey. The biggest example is the ultimatum that Digi made where it was either him or Mumkey who stays. So that would have been 2 people who left because of one member so it makes absolutely no sense to keep a guy who divided these guys after they were friends for many years. And even if Digi left instead that would still have been 3/8 people who didn’t want him there which is a terrible amount in any podcast.

I still watch Mumkey’s videos and like him generally but I don’t want him in a podcast where he’s not wanted or liked and his great style of humour is not appreciated. My attitude is just that if enough people don’t like you in a podcast then you have every right to be kicked because they don’t like you enough.

I like endless Jess a heck of a lot more and he was the one who pushed for him to be in the PCP in the first place. If he goes out and claims that mumkeys friends systematically tried to ruin his life then he is the first member I would believe. Mumkey can’t be blamed for his friends actions but he can be blamed for the way he reacts to them.

If you want an example you need look no further than Syy who was friends with Mumkey for a very long time. When he stopped doing youtube he made his private discord public and many of Mumkeys fans poured in and ruined it. Syy talked to Mumkey trying to get him to stop it and well, Mumkeys reaction made Syy completely cut ties with him due to his reaction to trolls. In Jesses twitter post he talks about how Mumkey “maintained an attitude of dismissive sarcasm and petulant indignance at the very suggestion that any of this reflected on him in any way.” (about the trolls) and I can see a very clear display of this in the Shreck lets play he did while responding to Syy. When I see that it’s pretty difficult to think about how it took so long to get kicked.

The trolls on Mumkeys side have been extreme. They clearly never cared about the PCP and only cared about Mumkey as proven by the way they turned their backs so easily on many members of a podcast they were supposed to have liked. Seeing this as a black and white fight, instead of a disagreement with people who no longer like each other is what leads to this terrible online internet behaviour, and it’s clear why the PCP didn’t want to be associated with the people like this.

Some of Mumke’s attitude is ok with me for the most part because I get his perspective, but if a whole group is telling you not to be like this then it’s difficult to expect to be around in the group for long.

So there are no bad guys in this story. Just many people who disagree and don’t like each other.



4 thoughts on “A Huge Mumkey vs Digibro Dissection Does Not Need to Exist

  1. Wait, are there people still arguing about this? Personally, I have to say that I see Digi as in the right here. I don’t even see his actions as incredibly extreme either, although that may just be skewing my perspective seeing as I’m more invested in Digi’d content than I am in anyone else (his “every video” playlist is my home screen).

    The whole thing kind of sucks seeing as I do like Mumkey (although I feel at this point he’s gotten stale making the same types of videos constantly), but he wasn’t very funny on the podcast, and it has gotten rid of any tension in the group, so whatever.

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    1. Yeah it came back round when Digi went on the dickshow and said something pretty horrible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lOXT_GVr-k and then both Digi and Mumkey are coming on the show to talk about it.

      I don’t think anyone’s being so extreme (except the fans). It sucks being kicked out a podcast. It also sucks to deal with someone who doesn’t care at all what happens to their friend.

      I think Mumkey was good on the podcast because I liked his humour, it was just clear it didn’t really gel well with many other people’s comedy though.

      Even though Jess didn’t really come back except radcon 3 I’m still glad about it somehow because I’m really sad about what was happening to Jess.

      I think the main factor that made people care was this guy called Y kick who was just wrong about everything to a point that was laughable. But not everyone lives on the “every video” playlist so people took it as fact.

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      1. The Y Kick videos were laughably bad. I actually watched them all just to see how much he could possibly fuck up.

        Didn’t everyone know Digibro was a lolicon already? That’s been a thing that people knew about for years, or at least since I started watching him (About 4 years ago). I personally don’t really see it as a big problem, seeing as they’re not real and there is therefore no victim (unlike actual child pornography, which only a complete sicko would be into). But that’s just my view on it.

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        1. People knew he was a lolicon but there is an idea that lolicons just think loli’s are cute and what he said…

          It’s not a problem but I can’t really say I approve or like it at all. It’s not real but I still think it’s disgusting.

          His video is a good take on it though so I reluctantly agree. It’s fine but just weirds me out.

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