Comic Girls ep 1 – Tense Deadlines

I don’t know why I expect every show from this season to really suck. Historically it’s been fairly correct however theirs something about this season which is different. It’s a place where you can throw all the tropes together into one and I apparently don’t seem to care.

While this episode may have had very generic characters we’ve seen before in them who cares if you enjoy it anyway? At one point I wanted every single character to have the same trope as the protagonist just because I thought a bunch of wailing shy girls would be funny.

The creation of manga is inherently interesting to me and it’s why one of my favourite mangas is bakuman even though I’ve not come close to finishing it yet. While I still expect a very slice of life/ comedic tone for the story I am interested in 4 koma manga and haven’t seen a show with it highly involved like this one.

Comic girls is set up to let the main character girl learn for herself and fix her problems with manga.

Something that me and many people relate too is being terrible at drawing. Heck you can read my web comic to prove it! So seeing a person who isn’t great, and is constantly shown up learn to become better will be interesting.

A lot of the jokes worked for me which took me very much by surprise. I also liked the last minute dead line at the end where the girl was doing nothing good. What also worked well was how the set up of the girl not being able to draw male faces was paid off with her falling in love with the masculine aspects of another girl. It became clear that the key to everyone’s success is going to lie within each other, and that feel good power of friendship stuff. But that works in this kind of show because nobody is expected to take it that seriously anyway.

The a show that seems similar to this is animegataris which is a show I hated. These two are very similar and its hard to explain why I like one over the other except for maybe these two factors:

  1. The atmosphere of the show is nice and it feels good! It might have helped that I was drinking a nice refreshing glass of beer at the time (since drinking age in Britain is 18 like it should be and not 21 or something like that) (Also context for the joke is here)  and while you’re at it here is some follow up and some more. Now that I think about it they did a lot about alcohol so I’m going to stop now.
  2. The jokes are funny. Comedy is subjective and it is my subjective opinion that animegatris isn’t funny and this show is. Not all of the jokes were got but enough of them were to keep me laughing once every two minutes or so.

So that’s it. What do you think of comic book girls? What show should I talk about next since there are a lot of seasonal anime to get through and I really need more shows to slow down my schedule!

Also what do I have to do to find wallpaper of this show? Googling “comic girls anime” does nothing!

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