DARLING in the FRANXX ep 2 – Let This Long Road To Madness End!

Yeah I’m dropping this show because it looks like not a lot is going to happen. This episode had a lot of wasted time and not a lot going on to make me want to continue.

The good parts of the episode was the set up in the relationship between the main character and the blue haired girl. They have a lot of embarrassment after kissing each other and it might set up a plot point for later. There wasn’t too much going on despite that.

They set up a lot about the guys training instead of any future events. So I don’t have a clue whats going on after they graduate from training except maybe fighting more dinosaurs. I don’t care at all for fighting dinosaurs, and the characters aren’t very interesting at all.

All we know is that they’re in a bubble and one hates the main character, one is overly sexual and the other has nervous/possessive feelings towards the main character. Oh yeah and they have robots that look like sex robots but aren’t committed to fan service at all so the concept of the robots aren’t funny at all. The only funny part was when a dude looked down to contemplate his life and just saw a huge ass in his face, it was pretty great.

Anyway they bum around for the first half of the episode and not a lot gets done. Then two people have a fight, they lose kiss each other and then draw by self destructing.

What am I supposed to say about this episode? I was just bored the whole time! I guess the fact that the sexual girl is apparently evil is a fun idea, but they answer/show very quickly that she isn’t that much of a threat. Or that they’re pretending she’s not a threat so that we can be surprised, have a fun surprise moment, think the show’s clever and then go back to watching complete drivel.

What did you think of Darling in the Franxx ep 2? What show should I review next?


Also do not worry because I will still be covering that controversy, I will just be reading episode summaries to find out what it is! Because that always works!


2 thoughts on “DARLING in the FRANXX ep 2 – Let This Long Road To Madness End!

  1. The first few episodes of the series are weird…they don’t really convey what the show is about, and they’re a little ADD—lots of fanservice, some really strong moments and some low ones. The anime ends up leveling off and becoming quite a mediocre series, despite all the attention paid to it. I ended up dropping it after the episode that was supposed to be the emotional high point—so I would say you made a good decision dropping it so early, hehe.

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    1. This somehow was in spam, what’s this doing in there!?

      Yeah I thought that might happen because the start wasn’t very strong. I never minded the fan service though it was just very average as you said.

      Thanks for watching ahead so I didn’t have too!

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