Liar Game Vol 1 – Schemes and Trickery

This will be the first in a series of posts where I talk about manga. The basis of the discussion will be around the works of Shinobu Kaitani who wrote liar game and One outs. I am enjoying reading the works of this guy and have found a few things to say about it! But first I’ll talk about volume 1 of Liar Game which I read recently.

I’ll be talking a hell of a lot about liar game so I highly recommend reading it because it’s great.

The premise of the manga is that one day a girl receives 100 million yen and is told to hold onto it for one month before the people who gave it to her take it back. At the same time she is given a target who also has 100 million yen and they each have the option to steal the other million yen and keep it for themselves while keeping the other person in debt. So the psychological games and scheming begin!

Liar game was a very mixed bag because even though I found it interesting I was able to predict every single twist and turn in the story before it happened. I knew what the trick was, why they were stalking the guy and how they were going to steal the money back. In a way it was kind of obvious, maybe it’s just because I like shows in the same genre and reading one outs, a show from the same author, may have given me hints to what he was planing.

Despite knowing most of the plot points it was still highly entertaining to me. Seeing a hopeless and honest girl learning about these tricks from a top con-artist she found who just got out of prison is entertaining. Reading the story from the perspective of knowing what the criminal genius knows instead of the other way round is also fun because you’re going “that’s right” whenever the girl gets shocked.

The non-spoiler review ends here, if you like psychological conflict and scheming then this is a great place to start. Liar game is a very popular manga as well so a large amount of people like this kind of thing.

Alright spoilers!

The most impressive part of the story was when the enemy managed to steal the money from the girl. He simply said that it was a scam and the two people in the game both had money stolen from a third party to put them both into debt while keeping their money. It would effectively mean doubling their cash. It was a very elaborate idea that I wouldn’t have thought of. This completely tricks the girl into giving him the money which he immediately locks in his safe.

If you’re thinking is anything like mine then you will know that to get the money back the only realistic way would be to trick him into opening it, this would mean pretending to run the liar game  to get the money. This was the thing that happened and it was entertaining but annoying predictable.

But the way it happened, with the victim becoming more and more paranoid daily was so good to see. After all it was simply a game and the law didn’t come into this game at all.

Here comes the thing that made the volume less interesting; the side character. Because the girl is completely hopeless she gets the help of a con artist who is a genius at these kinds of things. I like this character and I think he will be a good person to cause the girl to change into her own tactical genius much later (which must be where the manga is headed) but I think the way the girl could have solved it on her own might have been more interesting. Then again I have no idea how she would have done it. Ideas?

Anyway this volume was pretty great, I will be moving on later to talk about the concept of an overpowered protagonist because this mangaka has a very interesting one that is worth talking about!

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