Liar Game Live Action ep 1 – The Manga Becomes Real!

The last live action Japanese TV show I saw was great teacher onizuka and it really didn’t disappoint. So how did this version fare? Well it was ok, it never really reached the extreme highs of GTO live action but it’s episode one and its early days yet.

It seems like I’ll be reviewing a lot of liar game stuff lately so the thing to take away from this is to read the liar game manga right now! I am probably going to release this after the volume 1 review but before all the other reviews. So get ready for some liar game stuff in the future by going ahead and reading it!

The funny thing about live action adaptations is that they are often extremely cartoonish and wacky, emphasizing things as fun and making it all crazy. This show does that and it’s basically the only difference.

This sort of makes it a lot worse to the point where you can’t take it seriously. You can enjoy it despite that, and it’s why I like the GTO adaptation so much but it’s very weird especially when the acting seems extremely bad. I enjoyed the episode a little ironically despite of that but still…

The worst traits of every character is brought out in this episode. In the manga Nao is caring and honest, in this show she is tricked by her friends to fall into a pit in the ground 42 times and she still likes them!

The police man replaces the attorney and he is a completely normal person and none of the sleaze is carried through which sucks. If the show is fake anyway then you’ve got to play out the best parts of the character instead of making them like a normal person. We watch TV for escapism so why make every character like the people you know who you’re trying to avoid!

Then the con artist genius just seems ever so slightly wrong. He is a lot more calmer and a lot more evil looking in a cartoon villain kind of way. So simply he’s not very good and it’s not fun hearing things from him. I just don’t buy into his delivery of his lines, he just doesn’t come across as the smart guy above it all like he does in the manga.

And the issue with Nao’s enemy who they end up stalking is that he is way too nice as well! I’ve seem him admit to stealing the money and it’s still hard to believe that he’s a bad person!

The stalking is way more believable in the manga. What happens is that they stalk him with ridiculously huge binoculars and he just closes the curtains. They look so dumb while stalking that it’s nearly impossible to think anyone would be threatened by it, especially when all their money is in the safe anyway.

I may have been criticizing this show a lot but it’s still ok, it’s just the manga is way better. I didn’t decide to write about everything I liked because, well, it was all in the volume 1 review! So theirs plenty to like still, especially if you’re a fan of that extra, lovable, live action Japanese touch which just makes everything so strange!

Annoyingly the episode ended half way through the arc, and it will end half way through the next episode just so that the next arc can appear half way through! The next round however is minority rule and that would be excellent to see in live action. so I will be sure to watch for that!

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