An Update Post To Get The Job Done

I don’t normally like writing these posts because people are bound to find out anyway. Say for example if I decide to release an extra post a day on top of the normal ADB (what I’m doing now by the way) then people will eventually figure it out.  It will just happen and everyone has to deal with it!

But I feel like I have to warn you this time because of what’s going to come in the next month. Just to clarify the ADB will continue as normal since that’s scheduled for about 3-4 months.  It’s about that extra slot that I’m now doing.

For most days remaining of this month I will be (and have already started) doing a huge comparison between Liar game manga and live action. Which means no seasonal anime anymore and way more live action stuff.

I would say that Liar game is a great manga so this is an opportunity for if you want to start reading it to see the comparisons, but I wouldn’t recommend the live action version. It’s fine if you don’t want to read me for the time that I’ll be comparing the two but I just want to let you know that It will feel like I’m not around if you haven’t read liar game.

This decision can only really be negative for my blog because I wouldn’t expect many people to have read it/ read it because of me but right now it’s way more interesting than any of my seasonal stuff or random ideas for posts so I sort of just want to do it. The best posts are the ones you care about the most after all.

So that’s what’s happening, obviously don’t want to don’t read liar game but I’m now encouraging you to go out and read it because I like it a lot and enjoy talking about it.

So that’s what’s happening right now, sorry if you don’t like this change but you know me, every so often I have to go on some baffling project that only caters to me because I’m interested in it. Just look at JEARETTAS, ADB, Shiki and Eva month! Which were huge! And things like Berserk and Harems which were big but came out over a longer time period.

If something takes my interest I have to do it, sorry.


5 thoughts on “An Update Post To Get The Job Done

  1. That’s always the way to go! That’s me and my Kalafina and translyrics posts anyways. I haven’t read/seen Liar’s Game either and may not get to it, but even if few bloggers on WP read your posts, there will likely be tons of search term views!

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