Liar Game Vol 2 – Self Contained and Lately Explained

I like manga that is self contained to one volume. It feels really bad when you buy a volume and it just has the middle of an arc without the start and end point. It’s an incomplete story and it doesn’t fit together in a nice package. It’s why I like having the first three volumes of Berserk but feel like it’s a bit weird to have the 4th one since volume 3 ends the arc and 4th starts the golden age I’m only getting a small part of the story whereas in the first three I’m getting the whole thing.

Fortunately for me Liar game so far has been doing this self contained thing. Volume 1 has a complete story, even though it annoyingly starts the next arc in the last chapter, but at least it finishes conclusively at the end of volume two.

I suppose it’s like if you buy one volume, it sucks if the story doesn’t conclude because it feels like you need to get the next one. And then the story arc ends in the middle of that manga and it sucks because no arc is completed! Manga often feels like those in app purchases where you need to buy an immense amount of stuff to completely run out of currency because you will only complete a complete purchase for every 30 coins or something. You may buy 5 of something but everything costs 3, so you’ve got two left over so you have to buy more and more to completely run out of the currency you bought.

So I like how liar game has a complete story. I also like bigger arcs but even for those I would want them to end at the very end of the manga volume. Instead of half way through one. As long as Liar game has this self contained sort of thing I will probably have a bigger drive to review it every so often!

Alright lets actually talk about the manga! The psychological game this time is minority rule.

To play minority rule you need a large collection of players and voting cards. A person poses a yes or no question to the group e.g “Are you male or female?” and everyone has to vote on a card “yes” or “no” and write their name on the card (or have it printed there already). But you can lie about it. Once everyone has answered the question the total votes for each side is counted and the people in the minority win and the people in the majority lose. This happens until one or two players are remaining, To make things more interesting the players have 6 hours to make up their minds and they can talk to each other.

The good thing about this was how they formed a system and a team to make sure everyone won. If there is a huge prize it can be split within a team to win so that’s what these guys did. They had a team of 8 people who would split their votes evenly between each vote to make sure that at least one of them won.

This led to the whole manga becoming a numbers game, ironically more towards the end even though there were less people. But it’s soon revealed why the gambling genius is able to get through and the schemes learned later surrounding this are great.

Liar game has a section towards the end of the arc where everything is explained to you. This often doesn’t feel great if you missed it all and this time I was the one who missed it all. For example a person announced his vote, entered it, and displayed the other choice to prove his answer. But on the drawing he covered up the name at the top of the card so I was convinced he had stolen someone else’s card to pretend. Doing the maths on this didn’t work out properly though because doing that would almost certainly guarantee defeat. So I was wrong there.

When it was revealed it did feel bad however their was a natural way that it was worked out, and if you had read the signs and read into it you could have figured it all out. So I didn’t mind because it was all explained well and made sense. I don’t necessarily like it when characters that we follow suddenly do things off panel behind our backs but it only played a small part in the solution of this problem that it didn’t matter so much. Sure it was the thing that guaranteed them the win but it wasn’t so bad.

So that’s my non-spoiler thoughts!

The way the man rigged the game in the first place was very interesting. Immediately there was a villain named “Mr X” who was set up to be the main villain even though stupidly I disregarded him and thought “well one guy couldn’t do much” I regret not being more observant of Mr X and who it could be. Mr X had formed a group of three people of 8 where Mr X was the 8th member of three groups. That way she could ensure she was in the minority by voting “No” where everyone else in her half voted “yes” and by voting consistently in the group the person was able to stay. It was genius and only failed because it was possible to work out that there were three groups with an imposter. It was a great idea that completely took me by surprise and would only really work in the context of a liar game.

It seems like now the girl is going to be dropped out of the series and the con artist is taking over. It ends by saying that he’s going to go to the next round to win enough money to get everyone he cares about out of the game.

I’ll assume that very soon the arcs are going to start getting much longer because theirs only so many games before they find their genius I may just switch to talking about specific arcs if that becomes the case.

Anyway that was my thoughts on liar game volume 2, what do you think?

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