How To Overpowered Main Character Part Two

The link to part one doesn’t exist yet because it will be released in the future however when I get round to it you will be able to find part one here.

Previously I talked about the importance of context in making an overpowered main character good. Now I will talk about a character that goes against all of this to explain how it can be good.

The man I’m talking about is Tokuchi Toua from the brilliant anime and manga one outs both of which I’ve read/seen. One outs is about baseball which sounds like a really bad place to have an overpowered main character but it just works for reasons I’ll explain.

Tokuchi is a gambling genius. All of his skills at baseball often have nothing to do with his actual talent and it’s more about his mind. The reason for why he’s so strong is clear because he was gambling in a baseball spin off game called one outs for many years which is where he learned to do this. In fact he’s a seriously under powered main character who can use his brain to seem overpowered.

His maximum pitching speed is 30 kmh less than the pros and he can only throw fast balls. He is just so good at reading his opponent that it doesn’t matter. He has learned to compensate for his weakness and its interesting to see him overcome it.

With characters like these the appeal is never really if they’re going to do it’s how, and that can be just as interesting.

Since baseball is a very teamworky game he also can’t do it alone. Even if he was able to pitch every player out (which is something he could do) it wouldn’t mean anything unless his team was able to score at least one run. Therefore he relies on others as well as himself.

The next thing is that he has a bigger goal than just winning the game because he wants to turn his baseball team into the team which can easily win without him ever being there. He finds under performing players, exposes their hidden talents and brings out the best in them so that he isn’t the main focus of the team.

In the finale of the show he is presented with a huge error. Basically they create a Tokuchi bot where they learn to combat their normal style of hitting so he cannot fight them. He yet again overcomes this through using his brain. He loses a game 36-1 and pitches the entire time. But he pitches differently so when he returns to normal they cannot hit him at all.

There is a good way to do this though and a not so good way. For example the TV show SHERLOCK sucks at this because the way every mystery is solved is “I’m Sherlock Holmes and I’m smart so I know things” whereas the books do so much better.

Every thought process is explained as well as every scheme and it’s a thrilling experience to watch.

So that’s how an overpowered main character can be used well to make an entertaining story that doesn’t make the reader feel terrible every time.

And that, is how to overpowered main character.

2 thoughts on “How To Overpowered Main Character Part Two

    1. Yeah I just hate that the solution to every episode is “I’m Sherlock Holmes and I know stuff” instead of telling us how he solved it or giving us the clues to work it out ourselves.

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