Liar Game Vol 3 – Revival Game and Sick Tricks

So I guess I’m doing this now. It’s like an episode review but for manga except its longer than a chapter review. I feel like chapters are very short and difficult to comment upon because not a lot might have happened however a sizable amount of stuff can happen in a volume so I think it’s big enough.

Sometimes reading a volume can take an hour and sometimes it can take ten minutes. Liar game is one of those ones which probably takes a longer amount of time to read, but that’s not to say it suffers from too much dialogue. It’s hard to judge how much dialogue is too much since it changes from person. When the text boxes start to get in the way of everything it sucks too.

I can’t argue that anything that can have too much dialogue though because it varies from person to person. My attitude is that too much boring and irrelevant dialogue really makes a manga suffer. Theirs nothing worse than wanting to power through a sub par manga when you have to get through an immense amount of text you just don’t care about.

I would say that one piece has too much dialogue in its manga, however liar game almost definitely has more. So what makes it different is that in one piece I expect a huge action manga and to be able to skim through 1 chapter in three minutes though when in actual fact there was a lot of stuff that I missed. I’m sure the only reason why thriller bark sucked for me was that I just didn’t care about this random island in the middle of nowhere, skimmed through the words and had no idea why anyone was there because they just seemed like pointless villains. One piece is as long as hell so who doesn’t expect me to skim through it all to catch up?

The difference in liar game is that I expect more of a story and the dialogue helps to flesh out the psychological mind games and conflict. As well as the tricks and lies.

I was surprised to find out that we were sticking with the main character Nao instead of the other guy for this match. This was because the writer wanted Nao as the main character since it wouldn’t work to see every game through a genius’ eyes. My dream for this manga is for it to make Nao a genius at manipulation and for the other genius to vanish showing us that Nao has learned for herself. This could have meant watching her google things online to help her or at least learning slightly without the help of anyone else. Anyway she gets tricked again in a very obvious way, so obvious that I thought she would have learned by now.

The rules of the game go like this: There are 9 players left and only 8 of them can continue to the 3rd round of the Liar game (yes they’re competing to continue!) and they have to vote on who stays and who goes. Each round they get five votes to vote for whoever they want except for themselves and whoever gets the least votes is eliminated.

So it’s very simple, get everyone to hate on person and then it’s all over, right? Well what if you’re that person that everyone hates. What then? This is what this volume is about.

The person who tricked everyone last time is also in the same situation so nobody wants to vote for him as well. But he uses this to trick Nao into revealing how good her financial situation was causing people to not vote for her. Still two people hated by everyone can still win if they vote for each other? That was the conclusion but naturally Nao gets tricked. So she starts the round with 0 votes while everyone else has five or ten. So it’s made immediately apparent that she will lose. Nobody wants to vote for her anymore.

The scheme she uses to get back from that is great however through her victory the manga avoids a glaring plot hole. She makes an agreement with every single person who isn’t the man who tricked her that she will buy 10 votes from them in exchange for 70 million yen. She does this with everyone suddenly giving her 80 votes right at the end of the round. She then makes her money back by selling her votes to make up for the 70 million she owes everyone.

The annoying thing is that it forgets about a plot hole, that votes can be transferred. Nao plays a game with the man where she wins and the man exchanges 10 votes she had towards someone else to her. In the same way the people could have done the same thing so that Nao had no power at all except for a lot of debt and no tokens to show for it. Maybe there was a rule where they couldn’t transfer the votes until she had given them their money back but still it felt oddly inconvenient and a little unsatisfying.

Something that I loved though was the way it was revealed how Nao got her votes. We only saw the votes from one side characters perspective where Nao got them to give her the votes. Then it was only at the vote reveal that everyone had given her their votes. It was a great reveal and also got us to see how well the characters were tricked because we were tricked as well!

I’m still a little bit mixed about the way plans are revealed to us at the end. Sure it creates tension but it feels bad if there is way too much revealed to us that it feels bad we can’t follow along. However this one did a great job! The first trick with the first voting cards was good because we all saw it coming. The game Nao played with the man also worked since it was explained before Nao tricked her and the reveal with the voting at the end worked so well! This is a better direction, but if it ever gets to the levels in volume two I feel like that would be too much.

The third round is continuing so I’ll give you my thoughts on that, whether the next arc will be one volume long or two!

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