A podcast I’ve been a fan of for a long time is the dick show and something that has been a real worry for me is a 20 million dollar lawsuit filed against the host Dick Masterson and two of the people who frequented the show Asterios Kokkinos and Madcucks. But I’m missing a few things. It was also filed against patreon, Webber Chandwick and a person on the support desk of patreon, and I’m probably missing something. Oh yeah at some point all the lawyers that were defending these guys had sanctions filed against them as well… just for defending someone. It was ridiculous. Oh yeah and Maddox’s attorney tried to get making fun of him on the internet banned as well.

So I’m very glad he lost because everyone’s free now, with a few things that could change. and this whole thing was stupid.

This whole case boils down to someone suing everyone for making fun of them on the internet. News flash, that’s not illegal especially when Maddox is a public figure who does podcasts with guests like Arin Hansen from game grumps!

So the internet is safe, and free speech is saved, except for the count dankula stuff which I’m really mad about. But we can still make fun of people!

If you want to see how this went down the reddit thread is here. And it’s brillant, with the judge face palming many times and threatening the prosecutor for prison time due to his actions in the courtroom. If you are interested in this whole saga I recommend Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law. He is a lawyer with his own law firm who went through the whole thing line by line on his YouTube channel and it was great.

But I love being the first person to tell you about the hilarious things in this case, because they are ridiculous and you’ll enjoy them!

The main two people Maddox and Dick Masterson had a 100 episode podcast together before they broke up which is what sparked the rivalry. They had an equal share of the profits of each episode since they had equal ownership. So on the very last episode Maddox kicks Dick off the show and thanks every single person who worked on the show except for Dick Masterson who had been on every single episode except one and was the co-host!

Also the very things I’m reporting on are some of the things that he brought up in the lawsuit as making fun of him, but since the lawsuit was dismissed I am not doing anything illegal since what I’m doing is way better than anything anyone being sued did. I also wish no harm to Maddox and don’t want him to be harassed, I think he’s made a lot of mistakes which are unfortunate and I’ll talk about it at the end.

So after the two hosts break up they both get new podcast shows. And it’s the drama that happens between the two shows which is what sparks this conflict. And the only real reason why the Dick show keeps talking about Maddox and his actions is everything he did against Dick.

It’s slowly revealed over the course of the show that the break up between the two was because Dick was (and still is) dating Maddox’s ex-girlfriend of 4 years ago (even though Maddox has and had a girlfriend at the time) and was insanely bitter about it. This led to him being called a cuck very often on the show.

On the old show he was always very optimistic and happy towards open relationships where he didn’t mind people dating other people while in a relationship if they were both allowed to do it. So the theory was that he wanted to get his ex-girlfriend back to have an open relationship before. I don’t necessarily believe this but it has been alleged. This led to him being called a cuck under the idea that he was so ugly he couldn’t date anyone so his girlfriend was basically cheating on him constantly. He also made a video where his point was “theirs nothing wrong with being a cuck.” so actually it was probably that and not the theory.

Then many months after he made a video about why his and Dick’s podcasts ended labeling Dick falsely as a rape apologist even though the clip he used was clearly nothing to do with it. He shared this to his facebook feed and Dick was kicked out of UCB stand up comedy (which he was doing for 10 years) and lost all contacts in comedy with people he was friends with for a very long time.

So sure it might not be right to make fun of someone on a podcast most episodes (for 100 episodes) but bear in mind this is a 5 minute bit of a 2-3 hour show and you can understand greatly Dicks resentment, I share it!

So the next funny thing is a billboard contest. Dick went to Maddox’s house every week to record the old podcast so he knew where he lived. He also knew that there was a boarder right near his house. So he thought it would be funny to create a contest for a design for the dick show to advertise on a billboard. None of the designs actually went up (because it was stupid) and yet it was still referenced on the law suit, not as a thing they made fun of him of, but pretending that they actually went up!

Next theirs santa cuck. Where Asterios Kokkinos created a Christmas album making fun of Maddox with things like a jingle bells parody going “Cuck, cuck, cuck, cuck, cuck, cuck. Madox is a cuck.” This ended up on billboard top ten charts, immortalized in the billboard records next to the great and it even beat Adell in one country. So this album beat every other pop album that came out that week! It’s hilarious! Obviously that was brought into a lawsuit.

Then there was the whole fact that Maddox admitted to perjury in his own lawsuit. Where he lied under oath where he pretended to be a person just to get another person fired. At one point in the lawsuit he said that wasn’t him then much later he said that it was. So that’s perjury.

Then there is the trademark case where even though the two hosts had joint ownership Maddox tried to take the trademark as his own. A lawyer of the Dick show saw that it wasn’t right and took care of the case. But that’s not the only thing that happened.

Maddox’s girlfriend tried to get Dick’s girlfriend fired from her job as a teacher, calling her school multiple times. This resulted in Maddox’s girlfriend getting a restraining order filed against her.

So Maddox was also going into this law suit having already lost a lot (his girlfriend was listed as one of the plaintiffs) and it was a strange decision in my opinion.

Also before this whole lawsuit went down Dick had had enough of Maddox. He then found a letter that was his break up letter to his ex-girlfriend. He said if he did anything else, he would read the letter in an attempt to make him stop doing things like calling his girlfriends work and e.c.t. So that obviously didn’t happen and the letter was read out. It had crossings out and was written on an imperfectly torn piece of paper.

Then let’s look at Maddox’s book. Maddox has a brand of (blank) in the universe. For example the best page in the universe, biggest problem in the universe, best debate in the universe. So naturally what would his book be called? You’ve got it, “F*ck wales”! Wait what? That’s not the best book in the universe! What happened?

Enter Madcucks, who is a satirical parody of Maddox who speaks in Maddox’s fan voice and was such a big fan of him that he knew all of his expressions and was insanely good at making references to him. In episode 45 he announced that he was coming out with his book, the best book in the universe and it was available on the website So that’s why Maddox didn’t name the book what he wanted. It’s mean, but not illegal, still funny, and if he wanted to make the best book in the universe he still could have done anyway.

The last thing I can think of from the top of my head is when Dicks girlfriend got assaulted by a Maddox fan. Yeah that really sucked to listen too.

So everyone got a dismiss with prejudice meaning the lawsuit cannot be filed again in the same state. So Maddox would have to file in a new state because he filed the lawsuit in the wrong state in the first place because the state he should have filed it in was very harsh in comparison.

Asterios Kokkinos was the most unlucky on though because he actually has business ties to new York. Which means the case wasn’t dismissed with prejudice, just dismissed without prejudice. So Maddox could file against him again just to have it dismissed. It sucks because even though he won there is still an air of worry around him that will be there for a long time until it’s dropped or it’s filed again. But let’s hope it never comes to that because it would be a huge waste of time and money for both sides.

Yes it might not be nice to make fun of people on the internet but in this way it’s not illegal to do, as well as this it’s not like Maddox is a victim or anything, he’s done a lot of bad stuff to Dick which I have and haven’t mentioned.

Then even though Maddox has done a lot of bad things I still have a shred of sympathy for him. He was led into filing a frivolous lawsuit that was never going to win by a manipulative lawyer who wanted to use him just to make money. It is reasonable to imagine that even with the back and forth the trolls would get to you and you may consider talking to a lawyer to see what could happen. Then it’s easy to imagine how you could be strung along and forced into something like this you weren’t sure about.

So everyone loses this in some way. Maddox got strung along and everyone else lost money.

The annoying thing was that Maddox was great, everyone used to love him and find him hilarious. He made the best selling book “The alphabet of manliness” and was on a great podcast. I’m just sad because that Maddox is gone for good, and what we have now is an insane person who thinks they can use the law instead of obey it.

Oh yeah and one more thing.




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