Liar Game Live Action ep 2- Weird Changes

Let’s continue with the second episode of this live action adaptation of Liar Game which is a manga you all should read.

I had a lot to say with the first episode because I was just getting over the initial shock of the dramatic change in tone. This may be a little less content because now that I’ve got over the main criticisms of the characters I will have less to say.

With manga while reading you can decide for yourself the pace that you read at (to an extent) where you progress through a manga, with the option to completely skim it or contemplate every moment. We don’t have this option but I will say that I think the pace of the show is a lot slower than it should be, especially for that opening arc. Even though everything that takes place is in the manga (with only minor differences) they might have actually benefited with cutting some things out to make the time pass faster.

Then again I came from the perspective of reading the manga only a day or two ago (because I schedule everything) so I knew what was going on and wanted them to get to the point faster So I can’t really judge it too much. The show has 35 minute episodes so it’s not like they’re massively short.

I want to talk about some minor alarm bells though that I might have found. I don’t know if this is going to turn into something bad or not but oh well.

The people who collected the money were all females. Technically this shouldn’t matter however it does in the context of the manga because a person dressed as a man scams some money from someone else pretending to be the officials. This wouldn’t work then unless they switched everyone’s genders in the game, which seems like a pointless change.

Due to the fact that they know the scammer is a young man they gather a team of only women and one old man because there aren’t many females there. So simple reverse the genders? No, because the quick shot of everyone there showed us that they were nearly all males! But there was a girl who is the decoy Mr X from the manga, who’s a girl! So how would this work? It would make sense to just have the girl who got scammed say it was a young woman however the number of guys make it so much easier for them to chose a team! I don’t really know how it can work as well, it would have been way simpler to just make the debt collectors male. It would have saved so many complicated changes.

Either way I will want to check out how good this episode is since I really want to find out how these characters change it all!

Also you might have been able to tell but this show isn’t a seasonal anime and I’m switching things up while I’m still obsessively interested in Liar Game. But if you do have any recommendations for seasonal anime to review just mention it to me and I will do it because I enjoy this kind of thing!

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