Liar Game Live Action – Minority Game Arc Review

I don’t like reviewing whole episodes of this show when not a lot happens in it so I will be reviewing each one in the same post until the arc is concluded. I will write them in order, so the section of episode 3 will be written before the section for episode 4.

Ep 3

Last time I talked about how the gender of everyone really made the show awkward for me. This was continued to be proven through it may not be as problematic as it seems. There were 9 females and 13 males so they leveled it out a little bit more.

If anyone thought that this whole thing was because I was sexist well having all the villain be female creates a team of just males, hiring all male actors and paying them more money. So you tell me if I hate women!

The villain was obviously the guy in a huge wig but the whole thing was just strange. Since there were 13 males there was no guarantee that they’d choose Mr X (turns out they did of course) but it was still weird. It makes  the whole show a lot different. The person who is a traitor in this show is an important character for the future but they are fundamentally changing him so the show is weird! It just seems strange to completely change a character for no real reason when it was completely avoidable.

Also I really don’t like the setting for this show. It’s way too dark. The manga had big rooms which were brightly lit, with lots of open spaces for voting. It just doesn’t feel right.

The acting is as bad as ever and it’s even more impossible to believe that these guys stole anything at all! They all act shocked and worried at the most minor thing so it’s hard to even believe that they’re real.

It’s funny that when you know who the real villain is it becomes so much more obvious to see. The villain here is given way more attention than they had in the manga while the sunglasses girl is so blatantly forced in that it’s comical. Alright on to episode 4!

Ep 4

So this episode finished in a very annoying way to review. It means that I need to watch the first half of the next episode to complete the story! I feel like this could easily have been avoided but this feels deliberate.

So it turns out they didn’t change the gender of the man because he was actually a man who was confused for a woman. It’s just a man who can speak with a woman’s voice. As a side note I can do an ok job of a realistic girl voice, it scares my friends with how real it sounds so I know it’s very doable! This guy had a dubbed girls voice! It sounds completely stupid!

This still doesn’t solve my problems with the character. For one he still has goofy hair. I would have forgiven it with a wig but it just looks dumb! The man in the manga looks female and still has boobs for some reason, this guy is still nothing like him!

Anyway the twist is revealed. Even though I know everything theirs something interesting about coming back to the story. It’s fun to see it all happen again.

That’s enough for episode 4, I guess I’ll just need to watch 1 hour 50 minutes of episodes instead of 36 just to get one post out! Feels really good that!

Ep 5

Alright this was the finale and like last time it ended half way through with another half episode of set up for the next game.

This slow pace is annoying me though. I’m going to skim through the next arc/s with the skip button because I want to experience one of these first and then the manga second. I’m just interested to see how the experience would go.

So this whole arc was three episodes long or 1 hour and 50 minutes, which is way too long. It’s literally like making a movie from 1 volume of manga! Everything takes a little bit too long and I’ll confirm it later when I watch without any knowledge of the manga. I’m just worried about round three because I think that’s going to be 6 episodes long because it’s two volumes and not one!

The finale was fine but the uncharismatic characters really got to me this time. In the manga both the set up and the pay off is interesting. In this show the set up is alright and the pay off and explanation takes so long that it becomes boring.

Alright that’s enough for this arc, I hope you enjoyed this series talking about the minority rule episodes from Liar game!

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