Liar Game Live Action – Downsizing Game Arc Review

Here we are again to review another arc from Liar Game.

ep 6

This was the first game of the downsizing arc so here are the rules.

There are 9 players and only one of these people can lose. There are ten rounds and after every round people need to vote for who they want to stay in the game. Each person gets five votes per round and the loser is the one with the least votes.

You can also do things like buy votes, bet votes and e.c.t.

I would not recommend this adaptation over the manga, at least not yet (as said last time) so read the manga first. I won’t explain too much so you may just have to follow along. This show is a direct copy of the original except live action and worse.

The show makes an interesting decision to put all the people who vote against Nao into a contract which means they can’t give her votes even with her vote speech that comes later on! So I don’t know if they’re just going to forget this or what.

I always like imagining how it’s going to be in the next arc because my imagination always does a better job. I imagined a cool setting basically and then the setting sucks, then I imagine good characters and they act completely stupidly. But if the next arc can nail the setting correctly then I won’t have too many complaints because I think it could work if the layout is perfect.

Another thing that we find out is that the main male character didn’t actually take down the pyramid scheme, they were a decoy. I assume that this is revealed earlier to keep people interested.

I find it hard to imagine anyone who would want to watch this without reading the manga first. The show can make the most tense things in the manga feel stupid and ridiculous due to the acting so it’s really hard to imagine.

At lest this format means I don’t have to write more, so I can stop now and continue this train of thought for the next part!

ep 7

Episode 7 had some weird things in it as well as the normal stuff you’d come to expect. In one episode Akiyama showed up and Nao won her 80 votes.

They played the card game but it was really dragged out and took way too long. The first terrible thing about it was that they didn’t tell you how she was going to win. They did in the manga so they’re just baiting the players for no reason.

I’m already pretty done with that feeling of “How did they do that?” with this manga so having them blatantly force it was not fun and it’s just annoying to have a show that’s constantly trying to trick you when it should just be a fun experience. It’s nice to be a part of the mystery since we know that they could just make any excuse after. It’s more interesting to know a plan and see it foiled than see a victory and only learn about it later. I just don’t like not knowing anything about what’s happening.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind thinking, it’s just that everything in Nao’s head I want in mine so that I’m at least experiencing the story from someones eyes instead of through what the author wants you to know so he can trick you! The only exception to this is when it’s done brilliantly like when Nao tricked 7 people into giving her ten votes since we got to experience what it would have been like for a normal dude to be exposed to her lies.

The show by now is just adding stupid intrigue that doesn’t need to be there. We had it last episode with the pyramid scheme and now it’s here again with the “he” stuff. The villains go “Was it… HIM!” and “Did… HE… want Nao to stay, why?” just shut up! We don’t care who HE is because HE’s not relevant at all. The most interesting thing HE could possibly be is the company leader, because I can assure you it’s not some random high school student! (Unless maybe that mastermind from round 3 but there should be no way he would be able to get any information)

So that’s my complaints for this episode. Let’s continue next time where I will be very annoyed if the arc isn’t finished by the end of!

Ep 8

Yeah the arc ended this episode in a way probably much better than the original. Everyone got shipped out right at the end straight to round three without those days in between. That was great!

In round three there’s that reveal of their opposition and they look pretty scary, I can only assume that in the next episode it will be comical!

I don’t like how the female LGT member is now a character because she’s the one who made Nao decide to give her money away once she won. It just doesn’t make sense for her to be a main character since she’s taking the moral high ground here and there is no possible way to take that perspective when you are running this kind of game!

The show gave a much clearer message that Nao was some kind of chosen one, and I think that’s what the whole show’s going for. Even if she becomes very cunning and tactical she will still have her morals when it comes to money and debt. I think the show is going for a way to make her kind, everyone wins tactics take priority to lead her team to victory over anyone else.

I don’t buy this idea that much but she does have her own skill set like forming trust between people and, and, and, that’s it sort of. She’s good at finding people smarter than herself to win the game for her!

Alright that’s it for the downsizing game arc, we’ll be launching into the most interesting arc I’ve come across so far so be sure to continue reading! Also be sure to tell me what you think of this series so far!

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