On 500 Word Anime

I seem to have accidentally fallen into a pattern where everything I write is 500 words and it’s really weird to me.

When I write a blog posts about a point if my idea is really short it hardly feels worth it to post. Like it lacks substance or ideas, especially passion. It doesn’t feel like a developed enough idea to post.

That was my old attitude at least.

It was a rule I had set for myself back in the very early days that I just forgot about. I had a minimum of around 500 words and even though I’ve stopped it it’s just become ingrained into me and it’s difficult to escape, even when I can tell just adding more would probably make it much worse.

So setting patterns isn’t a great thing as they will be difficult to escape. Maybe it’s just a pride thing, making a point longer and more developed makes a point feel more important when it really shouldn’t.

That’s why I thought of it as 500 word anime and titled the post that way, and I’m really trying to not do that now!

Obviously 100 word anime exists so this is why I thought of the idea, everything has to be 500 words and it sucks.

I decided to try and go against it with my seasonal anime shows when I saw kingdylbags review of megalobox two. Seeing him write 5 sentences, enjoying them, and then seeing other people enjoy them as well made me realise it doesn’t really matter and this rigid structure really doesn’t need to exist.

The point is the main thing that matters and if you can explain it in much shorter time then why go on?

Oh No







I feel the blank thoughts in my head manifesting in to a really dumb idea that isn’t representative of anything I’ve actually done but makes sense somehow! It adds nothing, goes without saying and is something that I could just be happy to let go.

So when I finish a post I see the word count, it’s 349 words. And now it’s more. And I go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and have more of a think. I think a bit, about the post, what I tried to achieve, things I missed, potential changes and then Isuddenly switch back to what I missed!

Then I think of something, an idea, not a great one but not bad. It seems fine… so I write it.

Also it’s why you sometimes see three paragraphs right at the end starting with also, talking about three completely unrelated points that I just thought of. Or a lot of P.s’s.

These tend to take away from the main point and don’t need to be there. They muddle the point and make people forget it. It becomes warped and the main message is not conveyed.

But I write it anyway, because I always think I need to. And at the end of the day the word count is always the same.


2 thoughts on “On 500 Word Anime

  1. The words don’t count it’s what the words say that count. Unnecessary content and overflowing words only makes the text hard to read and confuses the reader.

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