Liar Game Live Action ep 9 – Start of the Contraband Game

I didn’t think the producers could really mess this show up very much, because I think the strange charm of the story could work. But they messed it all up again!

First of all they messed up the easiest thing which was the setting. Instead of giving us a normal airport like the one in the manga they decided to lower the lighting and make it all dark. Lighting shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do, they are deliberately making it terrible and it feels bad. As well as this instead of having north and south country they had fire and water country. So one side was dark blue with random nets floating around while the fire country had flaming torches and a bright red tinge.

It was not good.

Then instead of creating a new team they had the current members split in half while Yokio was a new addition to the other side. This is completely stupid.

Everyone already has the idea from Nao that they are all going to look after each other and win together, sharing the money, so it stops working. The whole arc played on the distrust and betrayal of everyone involved but they already trust each other! It just falls apart.

So the reason why I’m reviewing this series instead of the manga is that the manga confused me quite a bit. There are differences like both teams having a north and south side and so many transferring money discussion that it was impossible to keep track of for me. Not to mention that our perspective for the whole thing is from some random dude who did no scheming at all so we had a huge reveal at the end and had no idea what was taking place.

The funny thing is that I don’t think I’m the only one who didn’t really understand it, the show seems to be simplifying it way too much at this early stage because if the show decides to do their 3 traitors plan then that will be 3/5 of the team betraying which is just stupid!

Alright that’s enough, hopefully I will still be able to get something out of this before the next review!


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