Liar Game Live Action ep 10 – Destroying Their Own Arc

This arc has been completely ruined by the show. I said it in the last episode and I’m saying it again, this arc sucks now. All of the betraying has been cut and everything’s been changed to simplify it.

So the first betrayal with Yokias clairvoyance worked out fine but then everything was made bad when Akiyama implemented his scheme, before anything else Yokia did. Also I don’t remember how to spell his name so it’s Yokia for now!

Instead of tricking the water side to depositing their own money the show created their own scheme! In this version Akiyama gets the trust of the three people straight away (3/5 of the team by the way) and holds their red cards. He has an automatic road to victory just by the fact that everyone knows Nao and trusts him! You cannot create an arc with tension when you know they are all allied under Nao’s philosophies towards the game.

Another thing was the reveal that Yokia owned the pyramid scheme that led Akiyama’s mum to commit suicide. This reveal was a bad time to do it because it’s told to us straight away that Akiyama can outsmart Yokia because he’s done it before. I’ll assume that he really did own the scheme (even though it’s not mentioned in the manga)  and I can easily see why the reveal didn’t happen for this reason.

I’m very annoyed with this version of the game because they dumbed it down to make it not interesting. Their plan got a bit excessive at the end however I don’t see why they couldn’t do the other strategy. Maybe they will still do that as Yokia’s retalitaion but it won’t be as good since it’s already revealed that the three are working together!

Ok I’ll review the next episode soon so stay tuned. I’m probably going to stop reviewing this series after the next arc since it’s not great and the manga is a way better alternative!

Changing things isn’t always a bad thing however I’m annoyed with how simple they’re making the game and I don’t like how it is. I just heard that this is 13 episodes so maybe they will do that scheme anyway, it will be interesting to see how they progress by having this massive problem in their way.


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