Liar Game Live Action eps 11-13

Hey instead of writing about episode 11 and 12 individually I sort of skipped them because they were both recap episodes! You really don’t need two recap episodes in a 13 episode show, it was just overkill.

They disguised the recap by introducing a new character who was told the events as they happened. It was the leader of the liar game who didn’t believe there was any good in humanity so he made the liar game. He also happened to own the pyramid scheme as well as Yokoya so that kind of sucks.

He found Nao and was baffled at how nice she was. He added her to the game and one of the LGT helped her to win and prove that there was still some good in humanity!

That was it though, it was just him watching Nao’s progress and drawing a painting. It would be “do this” and then they would show the recap footage to show that he planned it all. I thought this change was ok but the way they implemented the change really sucks.

As well as this episode 13 was double the length! It was also very weird.

The new changes made would have sucked in the manga but it worked for this show.

Right at the start of the show Nao tried to force a draw, everyone cooperated except for Yokoya who tricked Nao into giving him her card. Then Akiyama got it back by trading his three cards (which were the fake cards) and then laughing at him.

Both teams push for a draw since they believe in Nao’s tactics but there is one traitor who cooperates with Yokoya, this person is the villain of the minority rule game arc. He gives the card back but at the last moment changes his mind and gets everyone to cooperate with a draw.

It’s not a particularly interesting story with schemes, twists and turns but it’s a nice comfy teamwork story if you like that kind of thing.

This version of Liar game ends in a much more upbeat and nice way. Everyone gets their faith in humanity and Yokoya is made to be a really sucky villain who wasn’t even imposing when he was in control.

Alright there we go. I don’t like the idea of just filling my blog up with nothing but Liar game stuff this month. None of the posts I’ve made about Liar game are out right now so yeah… pretty big risk I’m sure won’t pay off at all. I’ll do one more review of the next arc before carrying on. There will be more but probably not that much.

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