Liar Game Live Action S2 ep 1 – 1 Hour Long Pilot!

I thought that I might review the next arc in one whole post, but then episode one turned out to be one hour long! So I don’t want to write what will probably be 2.5 hours of watch time into one post!

This is the first episode I’m watching without reading the same thing in the manga first and I will say that the episode held up a lot better. Explaining the game was actually interesting this time since I didn’t know what it was! But the fact that what took about 15 minutes to explain in the show took 3 minutes to explain while I read the manga on the toilet in between watching the show and writing the post shows why I might not enjoy the shows explanation so much.

It’s so strange at this point for people to be asking “what happens if we lose”, we all know what happens when we lose! Don’t ask, we know by now!

The lighting actually seems decent this time but the setting isn’t great. The manga always nails the setting well and this show always screwed it up! The manga is set in a classroom while the show is in a huge building which looks crazy. It would have been way easier to keep the setting the same so this change is baffling.

Also this show makes everything look dramatic to a laughable extent. There is at least 3 minutes of reaction/dramatic shots in this episode and that’s generous! It felt like 6 minutes honestly! If its wasting 3 minutes every episode then that means they could have made another episode of the contraband game instead! That arc really needed another episode. Then again they could also have added two episodes to the arc by skipping recap episodes so maybe my priorities aren’t that straight.

So the rules of the game are that there are two teams of three. Each player plays one round of a game against another player and the one who wins two out of the three matches is the winner!

We all know how stories go with best out of threes, theirs always a last round. Meaning that they will either lose their first or second round. But it sort of spoiled the ending of its own story with this line up.

Their idea was that if they put both Akiyama and Mushroom head (who is the transvestite in the manga) first they would be able to win without having to rely on Nao. So since we know that Akiyama is basically invincible he will win so Mushroom head will lose and if he does win Akiyama will lose for no reason just to set up Nao. But that makes no sense since the games aren’t revealed beforehand so there is no way Akiyama could possibly know.

Anyway I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. In the manga Nao has to continue the game through a revival round because she lost and is massively in debt. In the show Nao continues because she wants to save people she doesn’t know from being in debt.

It really sucks that Nao doesn’t know she sucks at everything. At least the manga Nao has some self awareness! She thinks she can come along and win for no reason! It makes no sense!

Alright the game this time is 24 round Russian roulette. Which looks ridiculous. There is a normal pistol with a rotation bullet storage which is huge! It’s crazy. The main difference is that you have to place 3 bullets in each, have 6 turns, and you can pass up until five times where it’s declared a draw. It costs money to pass and if the other player pulls the trigger and wins they get to scoop all the money up.

So as you can imagine there are ways to rig this game in your favour. The ones that I thought of at first were forcing passes and then scoping all the money that’s left off the table. I knew bluffing would be a good idea or finding a way to see what bullets were in there were much better. But that’s not really possible.

Now here’s what I didn’t get. The strategy of putting all three bullets in a line so if one bullet goes you know the next one is also loaded. That was something I might have thought of eventually but something that just sounded stupid to me was shuffling the gun. If all the bullets are in a similar place then they will be at the bottom of the bullet holder.  It just sounds stupid.

But in my defense I did not see the Akiyama spin it, if Akiyama needed to spin it to test then how could I have worked it out! I don’t mind leaving things a mystery but I hate it when things like this are left out. It’s the worst feeling when a person gives you an idea you couldn’t have possibly thought of. It’s so more satisfying if you see the evidence, don’t realise it, and then find out later how someone else could have put the puzzle together based on what you saw. It’s the reason why Sherlock Holmes is such a successful book and why the TV adaptation completely sucks!

If we saw Akiyama spin the holder twice, with the bullets appearing in the same place or similar place it would have been possible to work out, yet not obvious, which would create a much more better twist because people are either like “Ohhh I see now.” or “I knew it!” which is way more preferable to “How could I have possibly known that?”

I did get the bluffing that Mushroom head was doing very easily as well as the marks on the gun, it was a good idea!

The main mistake that I made while thinking about this game is not being able to shuffle it. I’ve never played Russian roulette before (thankfully) but I was already under the impression that you had to shuffle it, and I thought that’s where the rigging would come into play. I would have liked somebody to come in and tell me, no that’s not a thing.

It makes sense to think that first impression I think, but it also makes sense to not be able to shuffle it. If one player survives you could remember what location the bullet was in and never lose or something. It makes a lot of sense for either, but it would make the most sense if both parties shuffled, that’s what the true randomness of Russian roulette is in my opinion. Also most guns aren’t a whole spinning wheel that is effected by gravity.

The ending of the show was with Nao realizing a mistake that could have been made causing them to lose the game. Now I get to theorise what it could be. It would have to be more of an error of mushroom head than anything.

They should both have three layers of bullets one after the other according to the strategy so they know where all of them are. So they should all draw the round without anything extra happening since they both know they’ll lose and it’s most profitable. This means the only real way for Mushroom head to lose the game is if he shoots for some reason or if the other players didn’t place all their bullets next to each other. Even then there would still be at best a 50% chance of them choosing the wrong option.

Also I was under the impression that the game ended after 6 rounds shot however it seems to be going on forever, which kind of sucks because our team had a lead!

Well through one way or another I’m sure the next team will win the round through the trickery mentioned and I will be impressed if the way they overcome it isn’t one of these ways and also very annoyed if it’s something stupid, or that 50% thing.

So yeah that’s all I’ve got to say about this episode! And I’m very glad that I decided to review this individually because I have a lot to say, mainly this show isn’t nearly as bad if you don’t know what’s going to happen whereas I think the manga will stay good regardless of whether you know what’s going to happen and provide a different appeal. Heck I’m planning to go back and read the contraband game again myself just to understand it so I’m sure it holds up!



10 thoughts on “Liar Game Live Action S2 ep 1 – 1 Hour Long Pilot!

  1. So glad I now know someone else who has read the manga and is watching the drama! (I’m assuming the j-drama version?)
    Great manga, and I feel that when I watch a drama I expect everything to be cheesy and laughably so, but there are definitely cases like this that go just a bit to far in the ridiculous spectrum. I still enjoyed it though because I love the concept of the story~!

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    1. Yeah there’s a lot to like about the live action version of the show. I often tend to get annoyed at it because it’s paced pretty slowly compared to the original. In the show’s defense I did a switch where I watched the show first and read the manga second and the show shined a lot better in that scenario because I didn’t know everything that was going to happen.

      Yes this is the J-drama version. I just found it on CR.


      1. That’s fair, kinda hard to not have a subconscious bias, in a way, when it’s the first medium you watch/read of the story.

        Are you thinking of watching the k-drama version? They change the story up a bit, which could give you a fresh perspective of the plot overall?

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        1. I am interested but I have no idea where to watch it. I would like to watch at least an episode to see what its like.

          The thing is this liar game changes the story a little bit. Like all that stuff in minority game with the villain and how they cut nearly all of the contraband game out. So it would have to be good changes and not changes.


          1. Ah good point. I can’t remember where I watched it… May have been on Viki.

            From memory the k-drama changes more of the story then it does the games, though there were games that from the manga that weren’t added, as well as new games added.

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            1. I had forgotten all about this comment, sorry it was a long time ago.

              That sounds like some cool changes. I think I’ll have to check out some of it, if I remember. I’m not sure where to find it as well.


              1. No worries, I just noticed I hadn’t responded to it since you posted, so my bad!

                If I find it again I’ll keep you posted because I’d love to hear your opinion on the differences.

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