Liar Game S2 Ep2 – The Start of 17 Poker!

At the end of the last episode they said that their was a twist which was a trap that fell into a game and I said that wouldn’t really be possible. But that’s because I didn’t know that the LGT took the money when it came to a draw. Obviously if both players know what the next bullet is going to be then they will pass it to a draw and the LGT will take the money.

Maybe I’m just wrong and the liar game tournament will get get the draw money regardless but surely shooting yourself would make you lose the money not gain it? So why on earth do the LGT get to keep the money when they lose? It’s a really dumb part of the game. But that’s how the game is lost, the LGT get to keep the money for no reason at all.

In this way though they still wouldn’t fall into the trap because at the end of the turn someone always fires the bullet. This means that the bullet will be lost to the LGT and the round will continue, If the bullet was never fired then there would be a real problem.

The next mistake the game made was thinking it was possible to draw. The guy won a large amount of money from winning on passes so even if he did drop two bullets at the end he still would have won. It didn’t make sense.

As well as this Nao’s plan to make everyone win the game was really stupid in this situation. She said that he should draw the game so that Akiyama and Nao can win. This is ridiculous. They already have a huge lead in the current game, why lose it? You have no idea what the future will be so why not say you’ll draw the game later? It’s just as likely as saying you’ll win later so why throw it away now?

The decision was made to increase tension later in the story and I really don’t like that.

So the next game is 17 poker which is poker with only face cards and the joker where joker is a wild card. This game is played very differently and I think I worked out a lot of the game right from the start.

I knew that every good set was going to be easy to get so even the best cards won’t always be good enough. Then you’ve got bluffing. If this game of 17 poker interests you I couldn’t recommend the one poker arc from Kaiji enough which is just coming to a close. The bluffing in that is great but I got pretty good at guessing anyway.

Also I’ve got a sort of secret that I’m actually pretty alright at poker (when playing with other people like me who don’t know how to play poker) because I’ve not lost at all and have won big in the past. Then again there was no steaks at all because nobody wanted to bet with real money. But I will say it’s my desire to stay away from poker and risk that is why I did so well. My strategy is to believe in the heart of the cards and just go for it if I think my hand is good and then always fold if I don’t. I don’t bluff a lot because I don’t like it.

Then somehow when playing black jack with friends recently I was the person who won over half of the time with 6 21’s in a row. I wish I could say I knew how to card count but I don’t. I was just very lucky, probably.

It actually sucks to be good at gambling games like this because it’s the last thing I want to be brought into a world of gambling where I could lose a heck of a lot against people who are actually good at the game.

Putting that aside it was basically clear that Akiyama’s opponent for the poker game was a legit poker player. But they didn’t show it us like that, they showed a guy looking at his profile and laughing hysterically, then saying he can’t win. Why didn’t they just tell us? What could that possibly be? He’s just a poker player. Don’t waste my time with this because a poker player is the most interesting thing it could be!

Alright after that the person said they had a way to rig the game to always win and get the joker. To an extent I know how this can be done.

The riffle shuffle if done correctly will always mix the halves exactly so the card from one half goes on to the other side and the pattern continues. So if you know the position of the joker you can work out which place it’s going to be.

The hindu shuffle then confused me a little until I looked it up after watching. And what I found was that my normal way of shuffling is a version of the Hindu shuffle, mine is just vertical while the Hindu shuffle is horizontal. So I know a fair bit about it.

When I shuffle the cards I tend to shuffle them badly even though it looks good and impressive in spectacle. The patterns repeat a lot and it doesn’t work as well.I find the cards to not be that much different from when they started. So I think the Hindu shuffle must be predictable as well (Or I just suck at shuffling). Maybe it only works for a small number of cards, the poker player might be able to find patterns in how many are switched.

Either way it seems there is a certain level of predictability that is in place here. Then the guy cuts the cards which is fine if he goes second but bad if he goes 1st since Akiyama could change it to put the joker in his section. In this case he has to mark the joker and keep it so that Akiyama never has it. This is just so he can know where it is.

Then putting the joker back in a certain order would have an effect on Akiyama’s cutting therefore it could be controlled to a certain extent.

It’s a bit weird and far fetched however that would be how he does it if he can guarantee for sure that he can get the joker. Everything else is out of his control except for how much he can cut and the order in which he gives his card back,

It is really weird though to think about but that’s my main theory right now. But it’s not immune from being lost against, so Akiyama still has a chance to win without a joker. This way would be very, very difficult but if he could do the same thing with 4 aces then he would be guaranteed a 3rd place position which means the joker person can still lose by quite a lot. They can still get 5 cards but no royal straight flush. That means you will pretty much always win because if they can’t get 5 cards then they will have 4, but since none of these will be aces then they will always lose. In this it would be five or nothing which is a great situation to be in.

I doubt I’d see that happen though so I’m just really interested to see how this game plays out.

The negative detractors of the show don’t matter to me as much because the game just interests me a lot. These crazy theories sound stupid to me so I look forward to either being completely right or massively duped by something much simpler. Either one would make me happy in this case but I’m not sure if we’ll even find out in the next episode.


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