Liar Game S2 EP 3 – The Conclusion of 17 Poker!

In the last episode review I made some predictions about how the game would take place and I was fairly happy with my predictions all things considered, and everything that I made that was wrong was oddly convenient and/or stupid.

The first thing was, the deck is changed every time! If I knew this everything would be made so much easier! The card order is so much more predictable if you know how they start off and you don’t even need to follow the cards, under normal circumstances. This game was not normal circumstances because of some key reasons.

Everything to do with this game was insanely idealized and made no sense.

So the way Akiyama won the game was by realising that on every 6th riffle shuffle the cards would be in the correct order. This would in fact be highly unlikely due to the odd number of cards.

Even with a full deck of even cards a perfect riffle shuffle is still difficult because it requires dividing the cards perfectly evenly every time. Out of 6 times the chances of doing this would be near impossible resulting in an imperfect deck. This would be ok if it was a machine that shuffled it but that’s not the case so it’s unlikely. Then there is the issue of dividing them 8,9 each time. In this case even if it was a perfect mix there would be potential situations where on one turn the 8 cards would be in the left one turn and in the right the next. Then even if that’s correct there is the issue of which side would be placed first. The dealer could place the left hand card down first time and then the right hand the next turn shuffling them imperfectly.

So in conclusion the ending of the arc was really stupid because it wouldn’t work and would be extremely unlikely to occur. So I hate the conclusion.

17 poker card order
The card order for 17 poker in Liar Game.

The thing is poker in itself is inherently riggable just with normal rules. They didn’t need to add all of these extra things that didn’t make sense at the end. Even with the normal rules this game could have been highly entertaining just because of the nature of the game. It’s a liar game, you win poker with lying and manipulation! They didn’t need to add these things that made it stupid.

Honestly the ridiculous idea I proposed at the end of the last post would have been a better solution because it didn’t rely on this whole thing!

So basically the poker player should have won since he was able to read where the joker was.

Oh yeah and he’s not a poker player, he’s a boxer? Being a boxer makes you great at poker for some reason? The idea is that his ability to dodge punches would help him to see the cards. But this doesn’t make sense because cards aren’t punches. I shouldn’t need to tell you that! I’m sure it’s possible to follow the cards since people can do the same thing very well with the three balls in a cup thing just not in this way.

I think this is the game talk over. The thing is despite all this I found it very interesting because I got to work it all out as I went along and try and think of a way Akiyama could win that wasn’t stupid, so turns out I was wrong.

Also it was so obvious what Akiyama was doing when he asked for riffle shuffles only, it is an extremely predictable shuffle and I could tell what he was working, just confused as how he took into account the variability of the way it was shuffled, turned out that was pointless though.

Am I the only one who finds peoples poker bluffs really easy to predict? It’s funny because the guy falls into the same traps he sets for Akiyama and I can see it coming from a mile off. Please tell me if this is just me because I’ve been trying to convince myself that I’m not a poker genius this whole episode!

Liar game live action gambling.jpg
You can just read him instantly

Maybe it’s easier in anime because there is a narrative and there is an easier predictability because I know where the story is probably going.

And the next game was announced to be, Stationary Russian roulette… ok. I would love to cast my theories now into how this is going to be predicted however they showed nothing! And the game would be pretty stupid if it landed in the same place at the same time. Maybe they spin the numbers around the ball instead of the ball or something.

It’s hard to predict because I have no idea what the rules could be. But it’s difficult to imagine being able to make it competitive.

The previous two games have been about making seemingly random things predictable, so I’m sure there will be a pattern as well but I can’t imagine it being player vs player and more player vs dealer.

There is one strategy that I’m sure will come up though to guarantee victory. You start with betting one chip on one colour and doubling your bet until you win. This way you are guaranteed a profit as long as you have enough money to last until you win. I’m interested to see how the liar game can combat this strategy because it takes the fun away from the game.

If you used this technique in a casino you would get kicked out however it’s the liar game and anything goes!



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