Dorei-ku The Animation Ep 1 – The Most Terrifying Technology

I really loved this episode of the show, I think it’s incredibly messed up and unethical which is what makes it interesting to me.

This show is about a world on the cusp of a terrifying technology and I’m interested to see how this works in the “real” world with all the different people who use it.

The English Title is 23 slaves and me, meaning that we will be seeing 24 different perspectives, so it looks like a pyramid scheme of slaves, where one master has one slave who has a slave under them and a slave under them and e.c.t. So if each episode is split in half that means either two perspectives per episode for 12 episodes or one perspective per episode for 24 episodes. But it will most likely be ten characters who meet each other and those people happen to already be the masters of several slaves.

This show certainly isn’t for everyone, but you know who you are if you like this kind of thing. Yes it’s unethical and against morals but that’s why it’s really interesting to see how people deal with this shady area in a fictional environment where there are no victims. Sure this would be terrifying in real life, but this isn’t real life, so I’m interested to see how this kind of thing would be treated.

Despite this I still have some concerns for the future of this series. If there are so many characters then it’s going to be difficult to create interesting games to play. It also makes sense for every game to really suck by the end of the series. Since the steaks are so high I would never play a game where I wouldn’t be guaranteed 100% victory. It would lead to rigged games and set ups by everyone so it wouldn’t be interested. So this means making our characters end up stupid or really boring and I don’t like either of those.

Its a device that turns people into slaves screenshot
(“Please try it!”)

The first person who we see doesn’t have a very interesting perspective and doesn’t really do much. He just plans to win against everyone and test his abilities with the help of another person. For the record if you ever find yourself in a situation where a friend is talking to you while holding a slave device you should definitely run. The character here was just lucky this time.

doreiku have sex with me screen shot.jpg
I wonder if this show is ecchi. Please help I’m not sure.

Then we had a two minute appearance from one dude who won against someone and told them to have sex with them as a punishment for losing. And it doesn’t get much better!

The next character of Dorei-Ku (OrDoreiku) is a girl who gets raped by a guy. Not with the slave device but just in the conventional way. She then takes revenge with the slave device.

Doreiku Slave Human Chair
Just an ordinary chair…

So basically this whole show is ecchi to do with slave sex. This makes sense since it’s the most likely thing people would do. Even the girl who enslaves the guy she despised and is repulsed by is sexual since she is into the s and m relationship. The only other alternative is using the person for financial gain, or doing a Nao from Liar game and playing the slave game in order to release everyone.

This show is basically the plot of a hentai but in anime for some reason. I’m fine with that. It’s interesting to think about and I love scheming and games with high steaks. Some of my favourite anime’s/manga’s are Kaiji, One outs, Liar game, Akagi and e.c.t which features this dynamic.

But I’m worried about the dynamic because the game here just really sucks and maybe it’s because I’ve already seen a lot of shows like it before. The girl gets the guy by playing a slot machine game. She got to define the terms of the game and defined the conditions so that she would win automatically.

Pachinko Balls screenshot doreiku

Not only did she cheat the game (It was most money won in an hour not in a lifetime, the guy who frequented the arcade every day would have won if that was the case) she could have won easily by using another method. The game would only be fair if it was who won the most while spending the same amount of money. And it should have been most money left over instead of money won.

In these arcade machines it’s always rigged to the houses favor, so if she just pretended not to know how to use the machine she would have already won by not playing. How is it that for every game where you put money in to get money out you always run out of money and hardly ever profit? Well it’s obviously rigged in the houses favour. After five minutes the guy would have lost a considerable amount of money and would be forced to play until he got the money back, losing it all in the end. That’s how these games work and it’s what I would have wanted to happen. This solution somehow felt even cheaper.

It brings me back to the idea that the game is something the challenger is guaranteed to win since they would have rigged everything. So probably the more interesting part of the story would be tricking your opponent into playing the game instead of actually winning which should be a given.

So it’s that aspect of the show that is what I will be looking for in the future.

Alright what did you think of this episode? This one might be one I actually finish this time. I’ve reviewed a fair amount of seasonal shows but never kept up with them because I started doing this when I was five weeks behind, and all this Liar game stuff didn’t help at all.

6 thoughts on “Dorei-ku The Animation Ep 1 – The Most Terrifying Technology

  1. I think you are headed for disappointment with this one. I liked the premise of episode one and thought this show might explore something interesting, but it very quickly became illogical and pretty stupid. I’m still watching it, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

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    1. I’m on the episode where they introduce the little kid. It’s pretty dumb. I can see that happening but I hope I just end up liking it.

      Like I liked Zankyou no terror. It was pretty dumb for the whole thing but that was what I expected so I enjoyed it.

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        1. Ok, where would you say Doreiku gets bad though? I think it’s dumb but like seeing how terrible humans can be for the future episodes.

          It is strange though. I’ve scheduled a lot of posts about this and while even though I enjoyed the episode on the whole I spend the whole post criticizing it!


          1. I think the worst part of Doreiku is they actually had a concept that would have allowed them to do so much with exploring the darker side of human nature and instead all of the characters are crazy just cause they are or they are deeply stupid and don’t think anything through. Even the uses for the device are all very childish and basic.
            I guess mostly I just wanted a lot more from this premise than it has ever been willing to deliver.

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            1. Yeah true actually. It’s a good way to explore the idea but it does get undermined.

              I think the introduction of characters are most interesting because they are unique and tend to have something going on, then it’s all downhill.

              That girl at the host club was really creepy and the girl who got raped at the start is hilarious (rape is not hilarious, but what the girl did after was) but now theirs not a lot going on with them and it’s less interesting.


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