Drawing Your Manga As If It Was Terrible: Vagabond

Because I had a lot of submissions I thought I would let the wheel decide which one I drew!

Looks like there was  blackout part way through but I couldn’t be bothered to render it again to get rid of the effect.

What I’ve noticed is that the level of art in Vagabond is insanely good and difficult to replicate. I also have not read the manga yet, so I have no idea who these guys are!

#1 Zakezo Finds Matahachi


Well this is an easy picture to start with!


I’m honestly glad my picture resembles something like the masterful original. My drawing looks like an optical illusion to me. Depending on the angle and the distance I hold the picture away from me it either looks pretty good or really, really goofy. I hope I got the angle that makes it look seriously good.

Annoyingly I have a habit of putting my fist right on the picture while drawing something above it causing the pencil lines underneath to smudge a lot and get less clear. It takes away from my iconic bold outline style! Though that’s probably the reason why the style is there in the first place.

I also added a lot of the shading you saw in the 1st image, just really faintly and it’s annoying this wasn’t picked up. I need to get a moderate balance between solid and soft and middle strokes.

If I don’t look at any eyes or mouth or nose I feel like this is something I could be proud of, that also applies if I look at it from really far away and hold it at arms length.

#2 Zakezo Lying Down


So this one wasn’t difficult to draw at all!


Oh dear, this looks awkward. The annoying thing is that I could actually imagine this being decent if I nailed the facial features. All of them look strange. It looks like someone’s bashed his face with a hammer and he’s had facial reconstructive surgery. I think all that needs correcting to make this look alright is the strange facial things going on. I’m getting a Tokouchi vibe from this so It would have worked better as a Tokouchi drawing.

#3 Terrible Ghost Girl


Wow this manga panel actually looks pretty bad. It’s hard to imagine this being next to all of the other ones but I found it so it’s there! This softness and light tone actually makes it so I might be able to recreate it! It’s not even a perfect image, I have to copy inconsistencies!

So here’s what I did.


Oh no I drew it wrong! I accidentally coloured it in, I completely messed up all of the proportions, the hair is too neat and straight and it looks way creepier! I got the angle of the image completely wrong and everything! I’m sorry for this really poor job guys.


Well that’s all of the pictures I’ve got today! What do you think and which are your favourite?
Right now I’m accepting entries for the wheel of terribleness! If you want me to draw a manga (Or anything, I’ll accept anything) then let me know and I’ll add it to the wheel for next time! (Or time after if I start the next drawing project before you get your comment in)

6 thoughts on “Drawing Your Manga As If It Was Terrible: Vagabond

    1. Alright I just read it in the manga and it said that, did not look them up because MAL was down. Is the girl one of the main characters as well or did I just draw a random person?


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