Liar Game S2 EP 4 – The Conclusion Of Everything!

So the finale of the arc is here at last and everything is coming to a close! So I can now conclude my opinions of liar game once and for all, but how was this episode?

Stationary Russian roulette sounds stupid but it’s way more interesting once it’s explained.

There is a roulette with 4 betting locations, the player places the ball in a hidden container, bets first and then the other player can bet as well. This means that one person knows where it is and they have to trick the other person into betting wrong. The game was interesting but not as interesting as the others.

The most annoying thing was that the whole time I thought Nao was so easy to predict. It was so obvious what she was playing and I don’t mean that blink thing. Nobody ever blinks consistently when they lie. But people can act under certain ways under pressure and react badly when lying. For example it wasn’t obvious for Nao because she blinked, it was because she looked terrified every time when she was asked her tile. Then her voice changed, her eye contact was lost and there were many general signs. She shouldn’t have needed that help because she would have known anyway.

I was sure Nao had figured it out somehow but I was not expecting her to have this scheme. I like how Nao is becoming more important and working on solving problems on her own. I like the change.

This was still 45 minutes which led to a girl passing a lie around that she blinked when she lied so this felt a bit slow. It’s fun though when you don’t know what’s going on and get to predict things for yourself. The slow pacing is more bearable when you’re working things out.

I normally have way more to say about the game but that was it really. It wasn’t massively complex which makes sense since Nao is less good at the game. The game ended and she paid all the money to the winners to save everyone. There was very little money left over.

I think this will be the last review because the arcs in liar game are getting pretty long and I don’t want to miss a huge part of the manga. In the show it says there are two more rounds before it all ends so there aren’t many games left to enjoy!

Season 2 is the last season of Liar game so they will either only get to the semi-final or rush the semi-final and go straight to the ending and that doesn’t sound great.

Overall this show is pretty good as long as you don’t know what’s going to happen already. It works terribly in re-watches because they drag each unknown part of the game out to the extent that it’s not very interesting.

Then I’m sure I will have way more criticism when I go and read the manga, I’m sure a lot of stuff was cut out here so I’m looking forward to seeing all the extra things.

Now theirs the other option that season 1 is bad and season 2 is good. So I will probably be watching at least a few more episodes once I’ve read the manga to check if this is the case!

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