Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee (Pokemon Go Review Part 1.5/16)

Woah a new switch pokemon just got released out of nowhere! We don’t have a lot of information but I thought as an extremely intense and avid pokemon go player I would throw my opinion in.

At first I was highly opposed to the idea of throwing a pokeball with a joycon to catch something but then the more I thought about it the more ok it was to me. You only catch like 10 pokemon in a pokemon game anyway. But then I had another thought, they wouldn’t put all this effort into the catching system just to catch ten pokemon? So I’m fine with it, though not thrilled, at long as I don’t have to use the functionality too much.

Now you can also transfer pokemon from both games from the looks of it! So I can finally get a level 100 dragonite on my pokemon Go account! YES! It’s going to be interesting playing both games actually caring about both versions, I can imagine a lot of people not caring about GO but I’m not like that.

In the next thrilling installment of the 16 part Pokemon Go review I will talk in detail about my team of strongest pokemon. These guys belong in GO however I will maybe transfer some of my favourite weaker guys so that I can enjoy playing with them, which is near impossible in today’s pokemon go landscape.

Then theirs multiplayer co-op which looks great. Since you only need one controller to play two people can play at once. All the second player can really do is throw a pokeball and follow you around, which of course means that I plan on multitasking and going with twin controllers for one person! I get to dual throw pokeballs! You’ve never been able to do that! Why not make it 4 player co-op and get 4 pokeballs thrown at once!

So it’s cool because we’re also getting the next game that is promised to be a normal pokemon game instead of a strange GO game so I guess most people are happy unless you’re one of those weirdos who think pokemon is demonic and if that’s the case I can’t help you.

I am interested at how CP will be transferred to levels though. I have some CP 200 2nd evolution pokemon who evolve at level 30! I wonder how this will work because I don’t really fancy a level 10 haunter because it won’t learn moves for so long.

Also do pokemon’s moves get transferred? I feel like it might create some complications. So I’m optimistic but I’m also really interested to get some new information! I will probably write about that to give an update on my opinions but right now it’s looking good.

Also, I’m leaning towards let’s go eevee right now. The cover art just looks better to me and I’ve already got one pikachu cover game already: Pokemon yellow.



17 thoughts on “Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee (Pokemon Go Review Part 1.5/16)

  1. These games are remakes of Pokémon yellow, obviously highly updated. Don’t let the name fool you—these will be actual Pokémon games with battles, wild encounters, starter Pokémon, and what not. Catching Pokémon is now just like GO, but it is set in Kanto presumably with the same story as Yellow

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      1. Exactly. They are making total use of everything the Switch can offer the franchise. Definitely going to add a new spark of like to the Pokémon series, even though it still is very, very much alive

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            1. Yeah I suppose it does make sense. I don’t think it will bother me so much since I play GO. I hope mainly that we don’t have to be throwing pokeballs constantly like in GO where it’s the only mechanic.


  2. I’m interested in this game (leaning toward Eevee version), but I’m not a Go player, so I hope it doesn’t rely too heavily on bringing Pokemon from Go. Looking forward to revisiting Kanto though.

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    1. I don’t think it should rely really, it would really suck if it did. It would be a pretty poor game if you had to play GO to win in it.

      Kanto is great, I like the location of the game, but this just means we probably won’t get a main series remake in kanto for ages.

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          1. How is it a spin-off? Everywhere I’ve read shows that they are remakes of Yellow, which was the special expanded edition of the Gen 1 games. A spin-off would be like the Mystery Dungeon series. I could be mistaken, but I think these will be our updated Kanto series to hold us off until the next chapter of the main series comes out next year, whether it be a whole new region or updated remake

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            1. A spin off would be like a new strange catching mechanic, only gen 1 Pokemon, trading with apps, and 3ds visuals instead of better switch visuals.

              I think we need more information to conclude if it’s a spin off or not for definite, it just looks that way right now. You could be right but it looks like a spin off to me.


  3. I’m definitely getting the Pikachu one, however, I’m much more excited about the real Pokemon game they’re planning for 2019. This one sounds fun though.

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