Dorei-Ku episode two – Scumbags

Some of the people in this show are just apologetically dick heads and I sort of find that interesting. It’s scary to see what terrible people can do to others and how messed up some people can be.

This episode was about a girl who loved a guy in a host club, The host was annoyed of having to work and act charming to get money from her (scumbag because THAT’S HIS JOB!) and decided to make a shortcut of this by making her his slave. This actually backfired through and the girl won the game and used her slave technology to get what she wanted.

She was madly obsessed and in love with the guy and had crazy desires for him, which is what led her to being so messed up as well. It’s fascinating to see how terrible people can be when they are so selfish. Upon learning that the guy had a girlfriend and spent all the money on the two of them she made him dump her girlfriend, throw out her possessions and then come to live with him. She also made him literally eat her out on camera, and I thought this wasn’t a hentai!

After this terrible display our main characters came in to propose a game. The guy desperately wanted to be set free from the girl so he purposely lost to make sure they won and he could get back with his girlfriend.

The sad thing was that she had already found another person, and was his slave. Not with the technology but a normal slave/belonging or something like that. It was pretty sad.

While this show is pretty crass and ecchi I’m enjoying it because I get to see terrible people in a medium where it doesn’t matter if you’re a terrible person. It’s so interesting to see how people deal with the new technology and what kind of problems you need to have to use it in the first place. I hate the world that this is in, yet am so interested in it that I just have to see what happens!

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