Doreiku ep 3 – Super Smash Bros for Slavery

I’m getting a lot of smash vibes from this show even though this show is nothing like a fighting game. But it’s because of the story of the subspace emissary.

The subspace emissary was a story mode of smash brothers where all the characters would start in their own individual area, and then slowly meet over the course of the story. It was great to see everything coming together as well as the fun cut scenes that transitioned between people. This show does this same sort of gimmick but applies it to the SCM.

We see several perspectives here and it’s fun to see them coming together slowly to see how the showdown is coming to a close.

The main gang who seem to be the main characters find a new slave person whose in control of one of their slave’s ex girlfriends. Then we’ve got a story of two people where one wants to be the slave. These two people get attacked and one of them is forced into slavery while this other person runs away.

Through this the person who ran away finds the ex-girlfriend and agrees to become a slave for them if they rescue the other person.Then we cut to that other person where he is in a contest with a dog, he loses to a dog and is now a dogs slave… YAY! A dog could never agree to a duel in the first place so its strange.

Anyway this is the subspace emissary thing. There are lots of stories that are coming together and it’s fun in a really twisted way. I like seeing where this story is going with all of it’s stupid and ridiculous strangeness.

While it’s not told to us it’s massively implied that the guy who got away from the violent person who forced them into slavery became obsessed with the other person at a princess cafe (like a maid cafe) and I thought it was interesting. The girl in the princess cafe hated her job and wasn’t like a princess at all in real life. The guy would have a false perception of her and the slave relationship wouldn’t work.

It was funny how he thought that it would as he enthusiastically went “I want to be your slave” because she really wasn’t interested in the first place.

This is the first post I’ve written feeling massively drunk, did you notice? I’ve had nothing to drink basically but I’m a super lightweight and I just started to feel all the effects all at once.

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