Liar Game Manga – 24 Round Russian Roulette Review

Yeah we’re back to doing this again! I’ve skipped the contraband game for now and we’re on to this because we’ve not only got a review but comparisons to the live action version to make!

I really love this arc in the manga because it takes something completely random and puts predictability to it in a really interesting way. Due to gravity the location of the bullets become easy to predict and the way Fukunaga wins at the start through manipulation is really interesting.

The way the draw is concluded in this arc is way more interesting to me now and makes a lot more sense. In the show is seemed stupid that they would tie now, they should tie for later but it actually makes sense here. To win the round it would have cost them 61 million yen which was a bad idea because they wouldn’t have been able to save everyone with the money left over. So it makes sense to me. Also the victory is not decided on chips and by who got shot the most so it actually makes sense here. The extra money that was gifted to the players would have been lost here but it was a good idea to keep the money in the player pool even if it meant giving it to the player. If everyone skips the four rounds they know for sure will result in a shot then a huge amount of money would have been lost for no reason so it was a good idea.

This arc is when Nao starts to become better at strategy and playing the game. This is hinted at early when she tricks Fukanaga into making the game a tie. In the end though she is correct, it would make him more money in the long run since Nao would split everything between all of the team members.

I like all the quick tricks that he uses during the game. Like looking at the gun and passing immediately as if you just saw something, the pencil marks and counting the money up as if it’s already yours. It’s cool!

The arc is very quick and teaches you all of the gimmicks of the game very quickly so it’s over fast and the strategy is interesting to work out. New information is presented to us at a pretty good rate so I like it overall.

It lacks any of the plotholes that the show has and it’s so quick that you keep up with the rules instead of forgetting them over the 1 and a half hours this game would have taken in the live action version.

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