Laytons Mystery Journey ep 1 – The Haunted House Case

There is no English name listed for this show on my anime list but the Japanese title (Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katri no Nazotoki File) roughly translates to “Layton Detective Agency – Katrielle’s Mystery Files” but I don’t like that so much so Laytons Mystery Journey it is! It sounds like the game too.

In the past I’ve played every single Layton game except for the phoenix wright one and the only one that matters, Katrielle’s mystery journey because I had no idea Katrielle was the daughter of professor Layton! I have to keep playing to catch up!

As a side note the previous games would have been great in an anime especially the curious village.

This is a very simple kids mystery show about solving a fairly innocent mystery but I thought it was actually fairly interesting. We are walked thorough it step by step, shown hints and things like that to solve the mystery at the end.

An easy way out of these shows is having stupid logic to create a twist you weren’t expecting however that wasn’t the case with this show. You are presented with the facts and are asked to solve it and there are several degrees to which you could solve it.

The first degree is the one I got to and the one everyone else would have solved. That there was a trap door which people fell down when they adjusted the framing of the portrait.

The next level would have been thinking further ahead and noticing that the two houses were similar. I noticed this but I didn’t realize all of the brother things which was the true mystery. In this way they were able to have a pretty interesting mystery story that was easy to get yet opened up to be more interesting later. I liked it.

The story of this episode is that a man had bought a haunted house and all his family members had vanished. Upon investigation we learn that he used to be wealthy and got nothing from his dead father while his younger brother kept all of the inheritance.

It turns out that this was just part of the dads scheme to make the two siblings care for each other by presenting the older brother with his fortune when he decided to get along with his younger brother. It was very sweet and had two mysteries. The trap door one which was very easy to give you the satisfaction of solving something and the brother mystery to provide a much better story eventually.

It’s hard to know how much attention you should be paying to details. Sometimes you may not be able to tell that his brother is relevant or just there to flesh out the characters backstory. I imagined that this would be episodic anyway so I should have seen the signs! It’s so obvious now! I’ll remember that for next time…

The art style of Layton is brilliant and it feels like such a good world to be in. It’s a great way to view a story. Even though I never knew these characters before I’ve already become attached to them due to the style of the episodes!

Also weirdly this show has a talking dog in it which only a few people can understand. This is a thing in the Layton world but it was odd seeing it return to real life.

If any of this sounds interesting I would recommend checking this series out.

Also the Professor Layton ADB is out today so if you like that you may like this as well!

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