Doreiku ep 4 – The Appearance of Ryouu Sama!

Things are really beginning to take shape now that a new story line was added this episode. I thought this episode may be a much needed extra story so that we had more than two teams against each other. Ryouu was starting to have a monopoly and it would have been good to have multiple story lines instead of seeing him get everyone.

This episode concludes the events of the previous episodes with team Ryouu gaining three more slaves while the other only gains one, a dog. Though technically that dog is a master so they should have the other guy as well.

It feels like Ryouu is in control of everything. He has people working for him and a whole network to make things easier. It’s a huge empire that he created and we’ve not even seen the guy yet. So obviously we want to find out who this mysterious Ryouu is, and we were all disapointed.

We aren’t actually told that this guy was Ryouu from the start, if we were it would have been even more disappointing. He goes to a guy with a very mundane and standard routine with a sob story about his dad dying. Who is buying this? I was so sure that he was planning to trick him that I would have been surprised if it went the other way!

Ryouu’s acting was also terrible. It was near impossible to believe that this had really happened to him. It was then made even clearer (if it wasn’t blindingly obvious already) when he had to use the SCM himself when he said he wanted to play on his own!

So he loses in the quiz game the winner is revealed to us to be Ryouu sama. Which was just great.

It’s difficult to take this show as seriously now that the leader of everyone is a kid. It’s difficult to believe he could do anything really and it might just be that he’s being controlled by someone else. I dislike the genius child trope a lot of the time however that’s not to say it can’t be done well. But I’m pretty sure it’s not done well here, he is just so underwhelming in appearance and doesn’t have the evilness required for the role. He comes across as kind of stupid as well, and not threatening at all.

What did you think of this episode? What do you think of Ryouu as well?

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