The Wind Rises Commentary

A while ago I watched the wind rises and filmed a commentary track for it! I would not recommend watching with the track on for the first time but if you fancy a re-watch of the film you may want to listen to it!

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the film and enjoyed airing my criticisms and things  didn’t like. I also feel like I may have missed some things because I was focused on talking and probably missed some details I got confused about for a while.

To clarify that thing about the visuals. Just imagine watching a really good looking show in 360p and that’s what all anime looks like to me.

Then when I start the film I go through all the logo’s first so hopefully synching up with the logo’s isn’t a problem to you.

I think that’s it. Here it is!

By the way it sucks and I hate it.

5 thoughts on “The Wind Rises Commentary

  1. Oooo! I’ll have to watch this movie and then watch it with this. I’ve always wanted to do a commentary track. Of course I always wanted to do it mystery science theater 3000 style with my family.

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    1. I didn’t really like the film though so if you do go back to it I hope that doesn’t annoy you. I feel like I should have watched it dubbed because I found it hard to read subs and talk at the same time.

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