My Exams Are Over, I’m Pretty Happy About That.

In the space of the last two weeks I’ve had all of my exams and I can now relax forever. I’ve basically been ignoring all of you in that time, I’ve not read a blog post in ages, but considering the circumstances I hope you don’t mind!

Two years ago for my exams I did around 5 hours a day of work for my exams, for these ones I did 8 hours a day when I had an exam and 11 hours when I didn’t. It was pretty nasty but you get used to it, and at the end of the day you hope it will be worth it in the end.

Exams are a pretty stressful time, and my way of coping with that stress is revising non-stop until I’m not stressed because I feel prepared for exams.

So now I’m a free man without any school to worry about. I’ve decided that instead of blogging about anime I’m just going to suck it up and finish editing my book. I’ll aim to release every single chapter edited and improved so that the project can just be over with and I can finally release my ebook and become an author! Don’t buy the book though, I’ll release all the chapters on here anyway so I’m only putting it up there just so I can say I’ve done it!

I guess I might tell you a bit about what happened in exams.

Before it even started the Saturday before my exam on Monday I saw Tim Vine: Sunset Milk Idiot. Tim Vine is a really great comedian whose got a reputation for the best one liners in the world. He slings joke after hilarious joke so you’re laughing constantly, he definitely has the most laughs per minute than any comedian I can think of. He’s cool.

Then I ended up watching castle in the sky half way through exams on the Friday night. I sort of watched it so that I could listen to the Ghiblicast: Castle in the sky. It was a really fun and great film to watch and was very relaxing. I also watched Porco Rosso like a week before Tim Vine and I liked that as well.

While watching Castle in the sky I had some thoughts about why I didn’t like the other Ghibli films and I think I found the solution, and the situation where I need to watch films in to like them. I find it very difficult to enjoy films if I watch them alone on my laptop. Watching on TV is better because I sit in a much more relaxing position and anime actually looks good on my TV. What I do is use a HDMI cable and plug it from my laptop to computer, believe it or not that really works and it looks great. Then if there are other people watching with me I can fill the time where I would be going “what the hell is going on, why is nothing happening? Please get to the point!”by talking about the film as it happens, or judging what other people are thinking about the film as I’m watching. It’s way better to me. I think if I watched castle in the sky without these circumstances I wouldn’t have liked it because I wouldn’t have given it a chance.

Then I tested this theory on the last day of my exams (after they were all done) by watching Princess Mononoke, a film which I had hated and got bored of the last time. And yeah I enjoyed it and liked it. It lifted the film from a 4/10 to a 7/10 which I’m sure we can all agree, is more or less a good thing. I’ll think I’ll have to make an update post about everything Mononoke Hime to explain all the changes.

The next step in testing might be with the wind rises, which a commentary track will be releasing soon. I watched that in pretty terrible conditions so I want to see if my attitude changes based on these circumstances. And I also want to see if I go back to princess mononoke on laptop alone if I still feel the same way, it would be interesting for me to see if the setting really has that much of an impact, or if it just helps me to be more patient with a film.

Drawing your manga as if it was terrible has temporarily stopped, I think I will resume it though. I remember last time I span the wheel it was some girl from Rosario Vampire or something so I’ll be drawing her next. In the meantime I drew this shot from princess Mononoke because I wanted too.


So if you enjoy this maybe I’ll add this to the wheel of manga people want me to draw terribly!

So here’s what I plan on:

  • Releasing the remaining chapters of the broken tournament
  • Still doing “Drawing your manga as if it was terrible”
  • I still want to finish Berserk is the greatest manga of all time series until I reach the part where the golden age begins, so basically I’ve only got the guardians of desire arc left.
  • ADB will release normally because I scheduled that months ago knowing that I would have exams.
  • I liked music week, and there are plenty of piano songs I know but haven’t recorded so maybe I’ll get around to releasing all of those.
  • Collabs maybe? I’ve always liked the idea of doing a podcast with people but I have no idea what I’d do it about.
  • Probably won’t release 2 posts a day anymore, it’s odd, I’m able to do way more blogging when I have no time at all yet when you have so much time you do nothing because you say “I’ll do it later”.

So there we go, thanks for sticking with me even though my mind was completely away from everything blogging for the longest time.

Also I’m scheduling this a day or two later so that I can get away without writing a blog post, giving me an extra day of myself to relax before I get back into my old routine again.

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