Middle Manager Tonegawa ep 1 Review

So first of all I want to address the fact that I’ve not read or written a blog post in around 5 weeks. I’m sorry. I’ve had exams, two holidays and theirs a huge heat wave that is making me so tired I hardly want to do anything. It’s not really an excuse at all really because even during this I’ve had time where I could have done that sort of thing and didn’t take it because the moment I would look at it I’d feel tired and want to do something else. It’s poor reasoning but that’s why.

Anyway on to Tonegawa! Let me just start by saying I’m a huge fan of Kaiji and am well up to date with the latest part of the manga which takes place after one poker hen. I don’t want to name the title of the arc after one poker because it’s a spoiler for the one poker arc.

This means I’ve also read the manga version of this anime which was not great and I hoped this anime would be something different. It basically amounts to three chapters of meetings about planning the game of death which is not the most interesting. This anime looks like it will be the exact same!

The way Tonegawa is portrayed completely changes in this spin off. He turns into a scared person who lacks the gambling talent he used to possess. He’s sweaty, nervous and uncertain which sort of ruins his character to an extent.

Also this show makes Tonegawa the good guy. And while I like the idea that Tonegawa is a good guy whose just following orders, manipulated by his evil overlord there is no avoiding that he is trying to go for the presidency of Teiai which is an evil and illegal company.

So basically Tonegawa is not the right person to be the main character here, he’s too close to the boss to be considered the good guy and it’s just weird. Someone better might have been a new character or even someone like the casino manager from season 2 who just runs a casino. People come to him to ruin their lives and not the other way round which would make him a better protagonist as it’s easy to imagine him as a person who just wants to survive.

As a side note I just thought of an idea for me/someone else to re-edit the pachinko arc of season 2 to make it shorter and better without the annoying pin-ball episodes which just feel like a waste of time once you realise the show isn’t ending until the last episode.

Alright so this episode was about Tonegawa creating a game with other people for Hyoudou to use for entertainment. The first episode was where he tries to learn the names of the people he’s with. It’s supposed to be a comedy but it just didn’t work for me despite being very entertained. It just really sucks to see the head of Teiai just doing something as stupid as this, it really undermines the company and only makes Hyoudou look better.

That’s all I’ve got to say really, there wasn’t really anything else at all to this episode. I do like how they addressed that all of the black suits look the exact same.

2 thoughts on “Middle Manager Tonegawa ep 1 Review

  1. At least you had prescheduled content, your blog wasn’t dead. And you know what, sometimes you need to let, I’m tired and don’t feel like it be your excuse. So long as you don’t let it go on forever. It was hot, you were tired, you had to study and go places, so after that let yourself relax a bit. Not the end of the world. ☺

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    1. Yeah I’m very thankful for that! I plan on coming back, I’m just in a rut I need to get out of! Thanks for the comment, it was really great to get this because I wasn’t feeling great about it!

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