Pokemon GO Review – Friendship System (Part 3/16)

Pokemon Go has very recently introduced a friendship system to the game where you can actually trade with friends. My first idea here was to go to all of my friends who had completely given up on the game to trade me all of their good stuff. That didn’t actually go through so well sadly… but oh well I was able to trade with one guy who still uses it!

If you want to add me on Pokemon GO my trainer code is 3651 8334 3052. I have way too many gifts to transfer so if you want to transfer your gifts as well you’re welcome to add me!

The reason why gifts exist is to get gym and raid attack bonus’ as well as better trading long term and to get cool items and alolan eggs short term.

Trading costs stardust to do, and what makes it worse is that if the players level is lower than yours that Pokemon will be scaled down to match them, which kind of sucks honestly! It’s better if you’re a higher level than your friends, but you’re friends still have good high level Pokemon. It’s like the only difference between me at level 30 and 31 is one high level 2700 cp Pokemon!

This has been quite a short part, but oh well. It’s pretty clear the only reason I did this was to get my trainer code out there instead of using a normal way, like a forum exchange or something…

Speaking of which my trainer code is 3651 8334 3052…


Sorry for the short part, the next part I want to write is too long to add on to the end of this one here!

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