Taltree – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 9

If you’re new to this story then you can catch up here with the prelude.

Sorry for not releasing these for ages, I’ll aim to release one of these a day until I get them released because I don’t want this huge project lingering over my head! This also means hopefully following the story will be easier as you won’t have to remember any of it over week/month long periods.

Our Story So Far: Kil, Rick and Maron have stolen a horse and carriage from a very rich person and are using it to travel to the tournament in Taltree. During the theft Maron was hit by the carriage and she is recovering.

Our journey to Taltree had been long and difficult. Navigation was never the hardest part. We followed a very simple stone road which took us directly there. On our left was always a clear view of beautiful ocean waves, with sailing trade boats of varying size passing through to the most important capital city in the world. To our right was a region of huge green mountains, each one leading into another. Upon these was grazing cattle and sheep and in places a small village could be found.


A large number of people also had carts; the first was a farmer with sacks of wool who gave us an odd frown as we passed through without saying anything. The carriage we had belonged to a very rich individual and we clearly looked out of place. This led to a dilemma, if we were going to be seen a lot while driving we were going to arouse suspicion. This eventually led to us to tearing all the rich decorations away and battering the sides of the cart so it looked like a cart which used to belong to a person of wealth, but not currently.


Both Rick and I had to look after Maron, who was painfully recovering.  I hated my powerlessness for letting Maron get hit, I wish I could have done something, and the gaze in Rick’s eye when he looks at Maron tells me he thinks the same.


We also had the horse to deal with and getting it to move and follow the road was not the easiest thing to do.


It’s easy to say forgive and forget, but that sound of cracking bones as Maron was hit removed those rich people from their humanity. Not only did I rob their cart but I took all their money as well, what horrible people. How could anyone do something so evil? The sight of that mans mauled face brought sweet retribution to my mind. I don’t know what we would have done if we never caught up to their cart.


We had decided against Maron joining the tournament for now, she couldn’t fight. Now we were worrying about if we would get to Taltree on time. The best future for us was with the kings tourney, in the few moments where Maron was conscious she said that there would be people there looking to hire mercenaries so it wasn’t a stupid idea overall, I mean we either become a king or have a very good chance of being hired by someone, so we were in a good position.


A day or two before arrival Maron was well enough to walk around and was fairly active compared to earlier. It was pretty awkward to find out but she had a big mark going across her back where the carriage had hit her. It didn’t show any signs of going away but she wasn’t so bothered by it.


Taltree was a huge city, brilliant in size with colossal buildings and arenas, there were shops all around selling mainly weaponry for the tournament and it was so busy that we had a very difficult and slow time manoeuvring the cart.


We went to the stables who agreed to take care of our horse and cart for a price, which was something we could easily afford with our stolen currency which was apparently called chufs. He seemed a bit sceptical that we might be thieves but he didn’t want to ask too many questions, we joined a line to register for the tournament but there was a group of people dressed in green in front of us, when they saw us arrive they whispered amongst themselves and laughed, I heard a vague voice going.


“Don’t Rob” and presumably Rob saying “No I will.” Rob turned around to look at the three of us, he was far taller and stronger than we were and looked at us with a menacing and humorous grin, “What a bunch of stable boys you are! They don’t let cheer leaders into the tournament!”


“Well we’re here because we think we’ve got a good shot.” I said, because what else are you going to say to a group of massively strong men?


The person who everyone was calling Rob suddenly and without warning punched me square in the face and I fell to the ground, it was a terrible pain and I clutched my nose which had started bleeding, I didn’t want to be in my body anymore the pain was so unbearable. He did the exact same to Rick who couldn’t doge it either.


Rick and I were a lying mess next to a small Maron, surrounded by people laughing at us, the tournament hadn’t started well and I hoped I’d never have to fight these guys in a real battle field.


Once those guys had gone we joined the queue to register for the tournament. Maron went first.


The stern looking guard put on a pleasant smile, clearly happy to see a new gender other than his own, he asked for a proof of citizenship which she produced and handed over. She was told to wait there while her card was being made, in the meantime it was time for me to show up, and of course I didn’t have a proof of citizenship, even though I was native to Sevren.


“Sorry I left it behind, and so did he.” I looked at Rick who shouted to Maron “Me and Kil are going to go and get our proof of citizenships from the inn, we’ll be back before you know it!”


“Ok” She shouted back nervously, but she seemed to get what we were doing.


That was quite clever in my opinion, if Rick told them that I didn’t have one then if I returned again with one they’d be suspicious, now all I’ve got to do is find a proof of citizenship. Rick seemed to have an idea though.


“Why don’t we forge them?” He asked.


“What do you mean, how could we possibly forge the forms? We don’t even have Marons form to check!”


“Well theirs got to be someone who can forge us one surely?” But he had doubt in his voice.
“Who could we get to forge something for us, as well as that we’ll get thrown in prison if we ask the wrong person to forge us something!” I said


Rick thought out a response before replying “Well in every big city theirs got to be a few people who might tell as about a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend who’s a forger.”


This was an interesting idea but I didn’t like the idea of going up to people. We didn’t have much choice though.


After a few hours walking we took ourselves away from the nice pleasant part of the town to the people who lived in poverty, I saw that this could easily be us if we got a job here and was glad to be going for the tournament instead.


There was a guy who was asleep on his face in the middle of a dark alleyway. Rick went to wake him up.


“Um excuse me” He shook him harder “exuse me”


“Whahaaaht?” He said slowly getting up, “whahah do youuu waatnt?”


“Do you know where we might find someone to forge things for us?” He looked at us blankly, it was a really silly thing to do, you don’t go around asking random people if they’ll forge things for you but we really had no idea what to do.


“As a maaheet of faaaact, I might have a frwend who knowwws a fwiernd who knows a forger, would yoaa lioioiike me too take you too hin?” He was very tired and I wasn’t sure if we should trust him.


“Yeah” but I found myself saying yes anyway.


“I couuuuld shooooy youu da wea buut iii woon’t unless yiu payyy me.” He said in a very dopey way.


“Alright you get us there and we’ll pay you.” He was too tired to consider that we didn’t have to pay him once we arrived but he said “ooohhhhk” anyway.


It took as a while of going through places, getting lost a couple of times and avoiding strange people that we eventually found the place. It just appeared like a normal house but of course a forger couldn’t advertise himself. We entered and a small man asked “Wha you want?”


“Can you forge us citizenship forms?” I asked.


“Sure NAME”




“And last name as well!”




“Very unusual name but ok, ok, ok. Where are you from Kil Sazron?”


“With…” Rick cut me off and whispered


“Say Canden, Withwoods not meant to exist.”


“What wah that?”


“I’m from Canden? It’s very close to here.


“Oh yeah I know it, bin there all tha time, all tha time, I tell ya. Alright if you want that it’ll be one gol piece, you got that?”


I did so I said “yes”.


“Oahhh and wun last thing before I let ya go, what’s ya date of birth?” he asked me, he looked very foolish for forgetting something as important as that, it would obviously be on a citizenship form. How could he be so stupid to forget!


“1st of June 1200” I said.


“And do you want wun as well?” He said looking at Rick.


“Yeah” He said.




“Uh, Rick, Watt, also from Canden”


“Date of Birth?” he definitely wasn’t going to forget this time, although it looked like he almost did.


“1st of January 1200” he replied.


“No problems Rick, I’ll have these made in just a jiffy.”


I would normally assume that I would be scammed in a place like this but it actually seemed fairly legit, there was a loud noise from printing and he hadn’t actually asked for any money yet, which meant we’d pay when we got the certificates. He came out and showed me a certificate which looked identical to the one I saw Maron use and I was impressed, you couldn’t tell the difference. He’d even drawn very accurate pictures of us which was needed.


“Alright give me ya monea and I’ll make the next one!”


I handed him over one gold coin and grabbed the certificate. A little while later I did the same thing for Rick. As we exited the shop I was amazed with my luck and how far it had taken me. Who knew that the first person we asked wouldn’t try to rob us or anything. The man who brought us there was waiting outside and I gave him one gold coin as well. He seemed really happy with it, maybe one gold coin is a lot but I had plenty more where that came from.


We returned to the queue and handed in our forms, to my surprise the person at the desk didn’t recognise us. I felt a sense of nervousness when I handed over the papers to him, I was sure for a moment that he’s scream that I was a forger, but nothing happened, he told me to wait in line for my card and then he told Rick to do the same. About ten minutes later a person came out to give us our documents and our tournament card back. It was a miracle, somehow we had gotten ourselves into a tournament and nobody could really do anything about it!

Thank you for reading chapter 9 of this story! Next chapter signifies the start of a new part of the story, everything so far has been building up to this!

Also all feedback is appreciated especially ideas/edits for improving the chapter! So thank you!

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