200 Followers Thank You So Much!

Hey guys thank you so much for 200 followers! The support on this blog has been great and I really love the community here.


So where do I go here? I guess I’ll keep on writing, I feel like my post quality has been suffering recently (since the ADB’s aren’t brilliant in my opinion) so I’ll be sure to improve and write about what I want. I’ve got my whole book that I’m trying to release one chapter a day as well as other projects that I started 2 years ago but have yet to complete! Theirs no stopping until my brain is completely empty! Also I’m thinking of maybe doing a semi-regular podcast with other anime bloggers so if that interests you then I guess let me know somehow!


Also I’ll be doing a 200 follower Q&A so leave questions down bellow! Also I’ll create another thread on Twitter if you don’t want to comment here!

23 thoughts on “200 Followers Thank You So Much!

  1. Congratulations…hey, I didn’t know you had an AniList. Gave you a follow!

    I think Astral(Gemini, from the Zodiac Room) mentioned his dream collab was a podcast with other anime bloggers, so there’s an ideal opportunity right there…Now that I try imagining a team-up between the two of you, I’m not sure it’ll work (purely based on your preferences in anime/manga), but I guess you could approach him about it on Discord or something.

    Q: Has learning Chinese helped you with your anime/manga consumption like you intended it to be, and why do you think it has/hasn’t helped? (As far as I remember, your Chinese learning was for that purpose, but if it wasn’t, then you can ask for another question.)

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    1. I followed you too (if your username on anilist is chesarka because if not I just followed I guy I don’t know)

      I don’t know Astral but I’ll have to check it out. The idea was to do it with people who I know already but if people already say their interested I may look into that!

      That’s a good question but it’s not the reason why I was learning Chinese. I mainly signed up to courses to learn Kanji which would help with Japanese! Also it didn’t help because I didn’t learn any kanji, and I also can’t understand Chinese anime’s as well.

      I’m not very motivated really so I stopped when my course finished. It would be nice to learn Japanese but I know I just wouldn’t be able to do it without a tutor/ friends who actually want to learn at the same time as me.


          1. Who inspired you to start blogging, if there was anyone, and is there a way you can see their influence in your work? If you weren’t inspired by anyone in particular, then what is your favourite topic (yes, only one) for a post you haven’t published because the post didn’t quite work out? (That’s more like two or three questions in one, but I wanted to cover all the bases this time.)

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            1. Yeah there was this anime youtuber called Digi bro who constantly talked about blogging so I thought I’d try it out. You can see his influence in my early work before I changed my post style.

              The post topic that didn’t really work out was my fifa 07 review for the GBA which I tried writing a few days ago. I tend to either finish a post or give up straight away.

              Thanks for the questions!


  2. Congratulations!!! A podcast sounds exciting. I’m not really one who’s that great at talking about stuff, but I look forward to your podcast if it happens!
    Question: Why is your brain completely empty?
    Oh, on an unrelated note, do you use discord at all? Some of us bloggers do, so I’m just curious.

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    1. Thanks, I honestly forgot about it until you mentioned it! I sort of don’t want to ask people because it’s a pretty big commitment and probably the best person to podcast with would be someone who volunteered if you know what I mean?

      I’ve never got that question before so I look forward to answering it!

      I use discord a little bit but I don’t know anyone on discord. It was probably a good idea to put my discord in the post so it was easy to find me!

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  3. Congratulations! Your blog is awesome so it’s just going to keep on growing!! My question is: what are your top 5 anime off the top of your head?

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