The Brutal First Fist Fight – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 12

If you’re new to this story then you can catch up here with the prelude.

Our story so far: Rick, Maron and Kil have arrived at the kings tournament where the winner is decided by how well they can fist fight. Rick is preparing for his first fight.


It was time to fight, and since there had been no explanation of what to do before a fight I was learning on the job. To my surprise the only thing you could wear was trousers and pants, and it was a cold day, which made me tenser.


You weren’t allowed to see you opponent until you started so all I could see were Kil and Maron wishing me luck. This was arena 40 out of 50, not many people had travelled down so far to see us so it was literally just them and another few guys for the other guy. Marons cheering made me motivated to win, and humiliated to lose.


I stood on the small rectangular arena, it was a blue rectangular floor with ropes on the sides to prevent people from leaving or being pushed off.


When I saw my opponent I was very happy, he looked weak and lousy, with a small figure and tired expression. I made use of the fact that I had a disgusting eye to try and scare him; it was hard to tell if it worked, he seemed very calm.


I was ready to fight; as soon as the match started I would completely crush him. I remembered everything up until now; I’ve survived torture, escaped slavery, nearly killed a guy and jumped on someone’s head. If that’s not preparation then I don’t know what is!


I stared this little guy down and he stared back, why was he so confident? Couldn’t he see that I was about to murder his face?


We lined up facing each other ready to fight, the official said “begin” and the match started.



I ran forward instantly, he had the reflexes to punch me in the face before I got to him but it didn’t matter I was charging for him and I was going to take him to the ground. This worked, he fell over backwards and I was on top of him punching his face with alternating hands each time.


With his hands around his head he kept bringing his leg up to kick me in the balls but I kept on punching him. It the most pain I’d ever felt and my hands were bleeding from the impact, I didn’t want to think about my own pain.


Noticing my bleeding fists I switched targets and winded him by punching him in the stomach, it was certainly the right way to go, it didn’t hurt nearly as much.


For a brief moment I hesitated and he used that to wiggle out, I tried to grab him to get back the loss but he let go. Suddenly I was taking multiple uppercuts to the chin, unable to move, painfully frozen on the spot.


I remembered to go close when your being punched so I did, I almost cuddled up right next to him to try and escape. I saw his crotch in front of me and punched his balls as hard as I could. Despite his pain he pushed me over and jumped on me. The full force of his weight wasn’t that strong though, when he went for the second time I used it to pull him over.


He was soft; he would never think to jump on a guy’s head, that’s what I decided to do. But I couldn’t jump; something was stopping me. In this time he stood up.


He held his arms up in the air, in front of his face and I did the same, though barely. My bleeding hands felt weak and it was all I could do to keep them held at that height. After a few moments I realised what he was doing, he was buying time from his injuries. He wasn’t staring me down at all, he was desperate on his last legs, but so was I, the damage had caught up to me. I didn’t want to leave it at this though so I made a move forward and with pinpoint precision he dodged to the side, where my blind spot was and punched me in the liver. I fell over the side from pain, it hurt so bad and I wanted to lie there.


“Common Rick!” Kil shouted.


“Destroy him!” Maron bellowed.


Instantly I stood up, pain didn’t matter anymore I would have to finish this quickly so I could get back to my friends.


I threw a punch and he knocked it to the side. But I followed it up with a much faster blow to the face, he stood there. Then tried to punch me back, I jumped backwards before he could hit me and punched him again. Then he tried to punch back but I found that I was able to return back before and go into punch him again.


The next time he did this I smashed his face as hard as possible and he fell down to the ground, unconscious. I had knocked him out, I was victorious.


The rest of what happened that day was a blur. After changing I was carried back to the tent where I just lay there in victorious exhaustion. Yes I had won but at what cost? My hands were scraped and bleeding and every single muscle in my body ached. Maron sat by my side promising that Kil would be back soon with medical supplies but it felt way too long.


Still it sounded like I did a good job, she was happy that I’d copied her punching method at the end, something I never realised I did. But too many of my muscles and bones were hurting that I didn’t care that the women I loved was looking after me and sticking by my side. I must have looked terrible, there’s no way I didn’t. I just hoped that I could recover in time for the next one.

Thank you for reading chapter 12 of this story! Will Rick recover in time for his next match? Who will fight next? How can they win with a start like this?


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