Drawing Some Anime As If This Was A Different Series

I thought it was about time to sharpen my pencil again and draw a few more pictures. Some of these took more time than others!

  1. Chitoge – Nisekoi



The main thing to worry about here is that the size of the head is a lot smaller than it should be. I probably did this because I had to fit it onto the page and I ran out of room. I also made her body way taller than it should be.

  1. Sophie – Howl’s Moving Castle



I’m going to be honest and say this looked a lot better before I put the photo up, the features on the face need spreading out more to the left.

3 White Creature – Princess Mononoke



The face goes a bit too much to the left, I guess I was compensating for the previous photo! I thought it would be fun to try shading and I found that smudging worked pretty well.


  1. Bonus

I released this ages ago but never put it in one of these posts, so I thought I’d throw it in here!



The main issue here is the background not being detailed enough or exactly the same, but I didn’t really copy it so I thought I’d create a new one instead!


Thanks for reading, what did you think?

11 thoughts on “Drawing Some Anime As If This Was A Different Series

    1. Thanks! I don’t wire frame, I’ve never really liked it (or tried it I guess) but since I’m copying a reference image I try to get away with it badly. If I was drawing something from scratch without a reference I’d probably definitely have to use one.

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      1. It’s worth a try! I hadn’t really thought about it until I bought a book on “How to Draw Manga” and it outlined the process really well, no pun intended. I was surprised how much of a difference it immediately made. I mean, I still can’t draw very well, but it helped a lot with things like face composition and posing.

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