Creating A Plan – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 13

If you’re new to this story then you can catch up here with the prelude.

Our story so far: Rick has returned from a brutal fist fight, victorious but in dire need of medical help. Kil is out finding medical supplies and everyone is worried how they can make it to the end of the competition sustaining injuries like this.

When I got back Rick had passed out, unsurprisingly. Maron smiled at me with relief. The most pressing issue was his fists, they were a sorry sight.


We wrapped bandages around his bleeding fists; I questioned what good it would do but hoped for the best. From that point he was mostly covered in bruises and other bleeding gashes.I was amazed by how focussed Rick was during his fight, he endured a bleeding nose, face and eye to win. Rick’s opponent didn’t look it but he was really tough as well. I could see that Rick’s neck had clearly taken quite the beating as well but there wasn’t much I could do really.



We wrapped his nose and eye up but that was all I knew. We left him there to recover, hopefully he would rest well.


The next we found who would be fighting tomorrow, it would be me. I hoped beyond anything that I wouldn’t suffer a fate like Ricks.


“Maron, do you know how you can win a fight a lot quicker than Ricks?” She pondered the question and gave it much thought as we walked back. She stayed in silence for much longer and then during practice she answered.


“What if you could put them on their back, and threatened to dislocate their arm if they didn’t surrender?” This was amazing; people would value their arm more than winning. It may not work into the final rounds however it would be a great and easy way to get through the early parts of the competition.


“How do I do it then?” I asked and she got me to lie down, showed me how to pin a person to the floor while holding they’re arm in the air. She slowly twisted and I got a feeling of the true pain it could inflict. I couldn’t get out either. Despite Maron being considerably weaker she did something to make me unable to escape.


“Stop! I GET IT!” I shouted but it took her an extra second to let go, it helped me to see what it felt like. That had just been 5 seconds, it would be unbearable for longer.


“Alright can I try it on you?” I copied what Maron did to me and without too much time I had done it completely, she was now the one telling me to let go and once I reached that point I was happy I could win.


I felt very creepy pining Maron down, we were in extremely close quarters and it felt sort of wrong to touch her.


“What if they don’t surrender though?” I asked Maron, after getting her into that position a few times from different places.


“I’d just keep twisting until it actually dislocates, then move on to the other arm, after both are dislocated they wouldn’t even be able to fight anyway so you’d still win.” This was reassuring advice, and very good advice at that. Due to this we practiced switching arms as well. I obviously didn’t dislocate her shoulder and I hoped that if the time came I would properly be able to do it.


It was really good to have an action plan for the future; it would help things a lot. It was at this time that a person I recognised approached. He walked up to us as if everything was fine between us and we were long lost friends or something, I hated him though. His wicked smirk irritated me and I hated his face. I remember his name as Rob, he was the guy who beat us up at the start of the tournament and as you can imagine, I was not pleased to see him. However he looked very pleased to be walking up to us.

Thank you for reading chapter 13 of this story! What is going to happen as they reunite with their enemy, and will their plan work on future fights?

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