Freak – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 16

If you’re new to this story then you can catch up here with the prelude.

Our story so far: The characters have been given evidence that this tournament may be rigged, however they are still unsure. In the meantime Maron has to fight to survive in the competition against the most powerful opponent yet.


I had beaten up Kil so many times that I lost count, so I felt I was ready. I felt bad for how strong I was but we both agreed it’s what we had to do to win. Apparently my opponent was very tough, I just hoped I could be tougher.


Fighting as a woman wasn’t difficult if you’re good, you’re always underestimated, even in the fighters guild it took them a few days to realise my true strength. I wasn’t the strongest member of the guild but even for those people I was no pushover. I dreaded the idea that I might meet anyone from the guild, they would call me a murderer and turn on me.


I’d been trying not to think about my problems but with the match coming I was starting to crave again so much worse. The only thing that stopped me was the visualisation of my knife in that man’s chest.


Anyway I wouldn’t be able to drink a lot, at this point I had to drink so much more before I felt better.



Male fighters fight only wearing clothes from the waist down, so as a woman I was wearing an odd mix of the tournament trousers and my own normal clothes on my top half. I had no time to worry about that because my opponent was very strong.


He looked foreign, like a Kovan, he had a six pack and was a good metre taller than me. He was imposing and arrogant.


“Are you sure you don’t want to surrender now, girl.”  His jeers couldn’t get to me, I had to be strong and intimidating. Kil and Rob were on the side-lines and I didn’t want to be the only person not to win a fight.


We faced each other. “Start” the official said. Before I even had time to think I was flung to the floor. I tried to get up quickly but I couldn’t move, the man was pinning me down.


“Get him off you!” Kil cried from the side-lines as if I hadn’t thought of that already, but how? He could stop me moving in any direction. He started to punch me in the belly a lot harder than I was used too from Kil, I felt sick. I tried to resist but the pain froze me to the floor as I was used as a punching bag. I couldn’t focus, I wasn’t trying to resist, I couldn’t.


Then Rob started muttering in a language I’d never heard of before “Sore wa hontōni kūrudesu, ē, anata wa sentōkidesu, anata ga katsu.” What on earth was he saying?
At this point my head, body and brain felt very distant, and the man was punching me slower and weaker. When he threw his next punch I grabbed it and used the rest of my body to throw him to the ground over me. I stood up and kicked his ribs as hard as possible, then I got on top of him and pulled his arm up in the air.


“Surrender or I dislocate it!” I shouted, amazed by how intimidated I sounded, the voice that came out was a lot stronger than I felt, I continued twisting until it dislocated, it was loud but hearing his pain made me feel good and happy as I switched to the other arm, I was winning.


“Surrender or I dislocate this one too!” It was win win, he could never beat me with two dislocated arms. He was still trying to struggle out and I dislocated it before he could say anything, his arms were in pain and there was nothing he could do. I was unstoppable.


I looked at his fleshy back of solid muscle. I bit him there as hard as I could, tearing I pulled off a chunk of his skin and spat it out to the side.


At that same time I heard Rob speak in that same strange language. “Anata wa katta. Anata wa okoru hitsuyō wa arimasen.”


His strange language made me lose focus. For the first time I heard the bleeding man dying in front of me, screaming.
“Ahhhhahahh! I surrender! Ahhahhahahah! Surrender! You won! Ahahhahhah!” I got off him and realised what a mess I had made of him, and myself. I was soaked in blood, the back of his spine was spraying out liquid and his arms were limp to the side, he couldn’t use them. What had I done? This person was dying, he was going to die, for the second time I had killed a human.


When I left the stage there were no congratulations or hugs, just fear in Kil’s eyes while Rob looked bored.


“That was…” Kil began.


“Do you think you could get me some new clothes? I don’t want to use these ever.” I said to him. Kil just nodded, now was not a time for talking.


What a monster I was, what a freak I had become.

Thanks for reading chapter 16 of this story! I don’t like writing these because I’m terrified of giving anything away! So just stay tuned because something will happen!

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