Liar Game – Pandemic Game Arc Review (Round IV Qualifier Round)

That’s right I’ m back with reviewing Liar Game arcs! The contraband game was too confusing for me to comment on (though I really did enjoy it) and I didn’t want to review the second revival game arc because it was too similar to the live action version which I had already reviewed.

The sad thing to say in terms of the live action adaptation (which I’ve not seen yet) is that it’s very difficult to get a conclusive ending that is faithful to the original. We have 5 episodes left and it just wouldn’t work. You’d either have to skip the infection arc or the following or just adapt the final to make the series work and that’s a real shame in my opinion.

In the arc directly after the infection game the next antagonist is not the same as the one on the live action, so I have no idea where that’s going anyway!


The rules of this game are extremely complicated to explain but the gist of it is that in a group of people two are infected and two people have vaccines. The aim of the game is to finish uninfected and to have over four vaccines. To make a vaccine two people must touch their wrist watches together and the amount increases, however if the person is infected then the other person also becomes infected. If you have vaccines and touch an infected person you are now infected with one less vaccine and the person you touched with is uninfected. If you want to cure yourself you lose an extra vaccine.

Also nobody knows whose infected, you can only check in four booths used for checking. At the end of the round (there are 3 rounds) the total number of infected and normal people are shown.

I hope that makes sense, It takes about a chapter and then a whole practice game to explain these rules so I would not be surprised if this was really confusing!


The two things I look for in liar game is having a general good feeling of interest and strategy as well as interesting twists and ideas that happen that are difficult (though not impossible to guess).

Due to the nature of the game these two criteria were filled completely. A lot of the strategy and manipulation is done in plain sight through communication so it’s really interesting to read into it.

Probably the most easy thing to find and spot was the trick Akiyama used to try and get people to vote with him. He had a magic trick which he  pretended reacted differently depending on who was infected. He used this to bring uninfected people to his side. While I think it was fairly obvious that this was happening I also enjoyed the psychology behind it. The idea that by mistreating the infected and encouraging the uninfected will bring more uninfected’s was a great idea!

The main problem with the game was the idea of distrust which there was a lot of, it meant for a huge portion of the game nobody would have done anything and people would have just lost without Akiyama’s magic trick. It was a really bad part of the game.

Besides that the next best thing was how the group of people blocked the booths so nobody could see if they were infected or not. That was a really great twist and made a lot of sense. It does surprise me that Yokoya didn’t think of it though. But who cares?

The game was fun and had twists and turns, setting up the actual 4th round of the liar game successfully. It has been ages since the 3rd round however it’s been filled with revival rounds and pre-game rounds so I’m fine with it. Round 4 is also turning into a really great story and I’m liking it a lot, it’s especially tense this time!

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