Rob Reveals All – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 17

If you’re new to this story then you can catch up here with the prelude.

Sorry for not updating this story in a while, theirs been a lot of other stuff I wanted to talk about instead!

Our story so far: Maron has just finished her fight where she won by crushing her opponent brutally. Now the group must make the decision, is this conspiracy real?

Maron entered the tent soaked in blood, bleeding from the mouth. I had worried about her all day and I knew I would be worrying more.


“Are you ok?” I shouted to Maron.


“I’ve been better.” She said lying down. She reeked of blood but and looked beautiful despite it all.


“Where’s Kil?” I asked her.


“Getting new clothes.” She said “These are not going to be worn again!” She was really sad and brooding. I knew that the enemy was supposed to be tough, but this was a completely new level of strength.


“How did it go?” I asked, knowing that she lost.


“I won.” She said.


“yes” It was a good thing, though I was sad she would have to fight again, especially after her injuries here.


“How are you feeling?” She asked.


“Don’t worry about me. Everything hurts but I’ll be ok.” The only thing I’d been doing was resting, worrying and thinking about the idea of a rigged tournament, it was very uneventful.


“How did you win with all your bleeding?” I asked Maron.


“I’d rather not say, but most of this blood isn’t mine.” She replied. That’s Maron for you, incredibly strong and ruthless.



We just lied there next to each other for a very long time, we both had our hands near each other, without thinking I grabbed her hand and held it softly, she didn’t resist, or say anything. Was she asleep? I turned my head to look at her but she was also looking at me, she smiled and I smiled back. She was beautiful.



Half an hour later Kil returned with Rob and Maron was able to change clothes.


Every day of this injured state had been completely miserable, the recovery was slow and a lot of these injuries would never fade. Seeing Maron and Kil train and walk together turned days into jealous envy, however I’d remember the moment we shared for the rest of my life.


Once she’d changed we rested in the tent to talk.


“So Maron what do you think?” Rob asked her, he was talking about the conspiracy, and she said she’d decide after this fight if it was true or not.


“Well I think I won fairly easily in the end so not really.” She replied and Rob looked unhappy with this answer. Her idea was that she had reported the three people who the riggers wanted to win, so if she was put against a tough opponent that would mean that the tournament group are trying to get rid of him.


“You would have lost that fight if it wasn’t for me.” Rob said


“But you did nothing.” She replied.


I had no idea what had happened but I was very dubious to what Rob was saying, he wasn’t a great person and also wasn’t fighting.”


“Was it when you said those strange words?” Kil asked “The moment you said them she became a different person, I’ve never seen her fight so well.”


“That’s true Maron, I cast a spell on you, that’s why you won.” She was clearly angered by this; she obviously wanted to win by her own merits and didn’t appreciate having her victory taken from her.


“It’s always excuses with you isn’t it? You have a reason for everything! Can’t you just see that I won normally?” She cried angrily.


“Alright let me prove it to you, Rick.” He turned to me “You’re very damaged are you not?”


“I’m hurt all over.” I replied.


“If I were able to cast a spell on Rick to make him better would that be enough to convince you?” He asked Maron “Would that make you believe me?”


“Yeah.” If he could that it would be amazing, though it seemed too good to be true. He placed his hand to my face and chanted a spell.


“Anata ga kenkōnanode, anata no kenkō o shinpai suru hitsuyō wa arimasen.” I heard it and on those words my pain stopped.


“I’m better!” I shouted, it was amazing, “I’m fine!” I got up and jumped, ran outside and stretched, none of my muscles were hurting, and it was great! A complete recovery!


“The spell isn’t permanent.” Rob said, and I felt a bit gutted inside “You are not completely better. You should still recover naturally.”


“Kurutta koto o yame, anata ga omotte iru hodo kenkōde wanai” and with that the effects of the spell vanished, I fell to the floor and the pain came back much stronger. I had to crawl back, it was good that I had a way to feel well during the fight at least.


“Alright I believe you.” Maron said, so the conspiracy was real, it had to be, there were too many pieces of evidence pointing in that direction for it to be false. “But what are we supposed to do?” Maron asked.


“For now I will teach you the only spell you need, focus on winning first and I’ll tell you the plan later. As well as this I checked the matchups and you’ve got one tomorrow Rick, they’re cycling around now, everyone here has won one game.” Great, I would be able to use the spell to be well during the fight.


“Rick as I’ll be casting the healing magic on you, I’ll need you to cast the spell that makes you able to fight better yourself, it’s the same one that I used on Maron.”


“But I don’t know magic” I said , it was true, I wasn’t born with anything close to magic.


“I will unlock it within you. I’m able to do that.” Rob said, and he put his hand over my face and quickly took it back. In the time between putting his hand on my face and removing it ten minutes had passed but I didn’t even notice.

“Say these words out loud” He held a slip of paper in front of me with a sentence on it.


“Sore wa hontōni kūrudesu, ē, anata wa sentōkidesu, anata ga katsu.” Suddenly I started processing the world very differently it was slower and I was quick, I could see everything that was taking place and I felt strong, like I needed someone to fight. I nearly punched Rob but the pain stopped me.


“Anata wa katta. Anata wa okoru hitsuyō wa arimasen.” Rob said and suddenly everything became normal again. It was a crazy experience.


“That was weird.” I said, this would certainly help me in the fight as well.


“Remember those two phrases, I’ll write them down. When it looks like you’re going to win cast the spell on yourself to remove it because it will make you more violent. You’ve got to remember it. If you forget and fail to cast it you will progressively get more violent, attacking anyone in sight, and if nobody’s in sight, you’ll end up attacking yourself.”


I didn’t have too much time but I knew I could remember the words.


Once I’d looked at the notes to the point where I thought I’d memorised them I said the words again.


“Sore wa hontōni kūrudesu, ē, anata wa sentōkidesu, anata ga katsu.” And time slowed down around me, perceiving things at a much greater rate, I quickly said the follow up words.


“Anata wa katta. Anata wa okoru hitsuyō wa arimasen.” And it stopped, I was able to do it and control it at will. It was brilliant. I could do this.

Thanks for reading chapter 17 of this story! With the great power of magic comes a lot of risk, will Rick be able to handle it?


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    • Thanks, the magic in this is well interesting. I don’t know for sure but it looks like you don’t know how magic works. Not giving anything away though, you have to say if you’ve figured it out!

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