Using Magic – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 18

If you’re new to this story then you can catch up here with the prelude.

Our story so far: Rob has just revealed that he knows magic and can use it to help Rick, Maron and Kil to win the competition. However only one spell can be cast at one time, and if Rick is to win he needs two spells. How will he fare using magic in his own fight?

It was the moment of truth; my opponent would see me being carried with Kil on my left and Rob on my right, being lulled into a false sense of security. They put the fighting clothes on and did everything for me. The spell was being saved for the fight.


When it was time to go Rob said the words and I walked as if nothing was wrong, amazed that I was fine again. My opponent was sure of themselves but obviously taken aback with the ease I walked up. He had black hair with well-built shoulders, his legs were quite small and his confidence made him look a lot more formidable. I was told his name was Joshua Whitten, and he seemed to have got through his previous match unscathed.


“Start” The official said and I retreated from him as fast as I could while saying the words. He remained in the same spot.


“Sore wa hontōni kūrudesu, ē, anata wa sentōkidesu, anata ga katsu.” The spell had worked and I started to perceive things in different time, not going for me straight away was his great mistake, I ran towards him but he was ready for me. He threw his arm out early to lean in for a punch but I dodged to the side easily and gave a stronger uppercut to the face. He was wide open, he had no chance of outmanoeuvring me.


Rob, Maron and Kil cheered me on as I punched him again in the guts but he blocked it, then I went to punch him square in the face. It didn’t matter that my hands were bleeding again because I couldn’t feel them; the blood would get in his eye as well and he would be weakened. He switched to blocking his head and I continued punching his stomach.


He broke free and gave another slow weak punch, but I dodged it. He threw another and it was impossible for me to doge, I could just tell that it would get me, instead I put my elbow in the way of his punch, the full force of the impact felt like it might have shattered it but his wrist and hand were probably broken as well. My elbow was incredibly bony and sharp.


I had him on the ground now and the look of his eye appealed to me. I remembered the brutal process that happened when I got my eye removed and wanted to do the same thing with my finger this time. It was only fitting.


I stuck my finger as hard as I could into his eye socket, at the same time I saw his lips moving. Could it be that he was saying he surrendered? I had the time to glace over his body and saw that I had a high chance of winning anyway.


“Anata wa katta. Anata wa okoru hitsuyō wa arimasen.” And I stopped, he was shouting “I surrender” terrified and shocked. I took my finger out and walked away, dropping his squashed eyeball as I went. I had been victorious, and won. But I looked over at the brutal remains of my opponent in disgust, if this was what the spell did, could I justify using it? It had made me a monster; surely I should know that the pain of someone mashing your eye is terrible?


“Kurutta koto o yame, anata ga omotte iru hodo kenkōde wanai” Rob said, and I collapsed to the floor. The pain was terrible, the most horrible pain I had ever felt at one time rushed through me.


“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. There was no pleasant fainting or loss of consciousness, I was awake the whole time. I writhed in agony as Kil and Rob took me back and continued to feel unthinkable pain for the next few hours. I wanted to escape from my body but the pain kept on keeping me awake.


“Please! Please cast it again!” I shouted to Rob but he wouldn’t listen, he said that I shouldn’t use It more than once a day. I hated it, the whole thing and the saddest part was that I felt like I deserved it, I shouldn’t have attacked that guy so badly. The eye…


Once I had stopped screaming but was still clenching in terror Rob addressed the rest of the group, ignoring my injury.


“As you can see, magic alone isn’t enough to win against these people. Eventually the effects will catch up to you and it won’t work out. We cannot win the tournament using these methods, meaning we have to take our enemies out in new ways.”


“How are we supposed to do that?” Kil asked, I didn’t particularly want to break the law or anything.


“I say we do the same thing they did to us, burn their tents down.” Rob answered.


“There’s no way that we can just burn down a tent without more proof that they’re from Kova!” Maron said. I wasn’t even thinking now, the thought of fighting seemed stupid when I hurt this much. I stopped listening, lied down and went to sleep.

Thank you for reading chapter 18 of this story! Read next time to find out what their next plan of action will be.

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