Crunchyroulette Lv 2 – Lychee Light Club/SENGOKUCHOJYUGIGA/Space Brothers

Here we are back at it again with watching random shows from Crunchy Roll! Yeah! Everything here will be entirely random and all shows are randomly selected using CR’s random button. Then I talk about the random shows I saw and probably dropped immediately because I have no patience any anime at all at this point and I’m trying to find something to bring me back!

Lychee Light Club

So these guys capture someone and humorously think of ways that they can torture him. The visuals are very poor quality and are the kind only found in really quickly made short episode shows. I didn’t find it funny and the only laugh I got was “We should spoil the ending of his favourite manga” and in response “that’s just a dick move.” which was pretty funny. There were some other funny things but none really made me laugh and the show didn’t really give me enough reason to continue it as I’m not invested at all.

I find it strange when shows don’t explain anything at all and then expect you to just get it. Actually I have no idea what it’s about except some strange jokes in a club. They really threw you in at the deep end!


The events that happens in this show is as follows: A frog and a tanooki meet a duck. And the duck shoots the frog. End of episode. I don’t even know if it was a frog, I’m just guessing because when it ran away it ran like a frog!

So absolutely nothing is explained at all, and nothing funny happened in 3 minutes. Guess I’ll stop watching.

Space Brothers

I’ve never actually said the second rule of the crunchyroulette which is when the post ends. It either ends when I get bored of reviewing shows or I find a show I actually like.

So with that in mind this is the first time the crunchyroulette actually did it’s job and I’ve found something I really like! I cried watching the first episode of this show… so yeah.

I’ve always had a strange relationship with space brothers because I’ve known it’s existed for a while, and even have a copy of a manga quote book which I’ve never read. The reason why I never read it is because it’s all in Japanese which I can’t read or understand without using the google translate camera! It just came across as pretty dumb and strange so I never checked it out. But now I’m glad I did!

The whole idea of this show is to achieve you’re dreams and keep you’re promises, and theirs nothing better to represent an impossible goal than getting to a place that’s not even on the earth, to space.

So I like the little subtle things throughout the episode. The most important was the idea Japan losing in the world cup qualifier when the main character was born and the younger brother was born when Japan won cricket. It’s a great way of subtly saying that one is supposedly destined for greatness while the other is probably going to struggle throughout. Potentially this has been a self-fulfilling prophecy as he always sees himself behind his brother.

I like the set up of this whole episode. We don’t especially get a lot of plot but I’m now really invested in these characters. Having a guy at his lowest point trying to achieve an impossible dream is a character I can root for.

Also I really like the relationship between the brothers. It’s both loving but also not so perfect that it becomes unbelievable. The way they talk makes me want that.

I like the idea of brotherly love here and helping each other and motivating. The older brother says he should be a step ahead of his brother at all times and it’s pretty sweet. While his younger brother wants to go to the moon the older aims for Mars to be one step ahead.

In actuality for this world it’s actually possible. The thing is this must have been written a while ago and the author predicted space technology to advance faster than it actually did/will do. However a trip to mars and getting someone to mars is extremely achievable in our life time and I don’t think 2025 is too unrealistic of a date.

Here they are planning a trip to the moon to practice colonization for mars. It’s like a test. The thing is Mars is probably easier to colonize due to it’s large amount of water underneath it’s surface. You don’t need numerous trips transferring water. People speculate that the moon has a lot of water but we don’t actually know for sure. But it makes sense that it wouldn’t because it’s in the goldilocks zone and if it had water it should be similar looking to earth today only smaller.

Anyway tangent aside the dream of the main character is achievable and I’ll continue watching to see him fulfill it.

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