Followers – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 19

If you’re new to this story then you can catch up here with the prelude.

Our story so far: Now persuaded that something needs to be done about this rigged tournament our group of characters Maron, Rick, Kil and Rob are planning their next move so that they can win the entire tournament!

“I say we do the same thing they did to us, burn their tent down.” Rob answered Kil who was wondering how we could stop the tournament now that it was clear magic could only take us so far. He, like me, had realised just how rigged this was and that we needed to do something.


“There’s no way that we can just burn down a tent without more proof that they’re from Kova!” I responded, wanting to be careful that normal people weren’t hurt.


I saw Rick pleasantly drift off after his injuries; he was lying there so sweetly. His fight had made me realise that I wouldn’t have bit that guy if I wasn’t under the influence of the spell. Right? The sight of the bleeding corpse had terrified me, and spiralled me into a dark place in my mind. I had to seek company or I would be forced to remember, and I really didn’t want too. I felt bad enough already.


I desperately wanted to go back to my village, huddle up to Joe and have him tell me that it’s all going to be ok, but no. I would never be able to see my family or friends again.


“A way that we can find out is by using the birth certificate method, we should see if they have an incorrect one and look Kovan. If they do then we follow them around until they get to their tent. That’s the method.” It was a good suggestion; why not add to that murder tally? It was a necessary evil, maybe the total would be so high I could forget all of them and they would all become a blur. At least I had that to look forward too.


Either way it was the only plan we really had so I reluctantly agreed. We went to sleep and got ready to execute our plan the next day.




The city of Taltree was divided into three layers of circles, each circle within another. It was a huge place and very easy to get lost, it would be a tough day.


We went to the matchup boards towards the exit of the training ground and wrote down the names of the people who we deemed suspicious. We said that we’d try to keep on doing it all day if possible to get all the tents that we could.


It would look suspicious if we were to follow people in threes so we decided to also follow our own individual person. Not wanting to be left behind the others I volunteered first.


I was following a man by the name of George Orsen. He was tall, strong and bald with throbbing veins all over his body. He won easily, looked foreign and his certificate was faked. Once he had picked up his bags and travelled away I quietly walked. Not wanting to look strange or be caught hiding I walked in the open as if we just happened to be walking in the same direction. He went past all of the tents and left the training ground, making sure I still had my tournament card I left as well.


We made an agreement that we wouldn’t follow anyone too much into the city because we could hardly start burning down city buildings. We were only to follow until we could be sure that his home was too far away or he was heading back, also stopping if we actually find the place where they’re saying.


The streets were crowded with people, shops and carts. One of the horses reminded me of Barney (the secret name I’d given to the horse that took us to Taltree) and I reminded myself to go and see him.


It felt weird to tell people about the name, sort of for embarrassing reasons. I found myself feeling fairly distant from everyone, unable to tell them anything. Now with my fight it was difficult to go back. Rick was the only one I felt comfortable around since he didn’t see the terrible things I had done.


Blending in, I followed further and further as the crowd around me became less busy and more dispersed. Hiding in the crowd had reassured me but now that was going away. The high buildings against the large side wall leading to the 2nd part of the city cast dark shadows from above. My loud footsteps echoed and the street was never exactly straight. My heart beat skyrocketed.


I saw a food shop and I desperately wanted to go inside. We could do with some more food and it would be a good way to remove any suspicion the guy would have against me.


To my relief suspicion wasn’t a problem. He entered a building which looked like the place he was staying at. The sign read “Milk in” with the last “n” missing from the word inn. I looked through the open door and it became very apparent that it was a brothel. There were signs for prices in visible sight.


What a disgusting person. I contemplated whether I should wait or go back to try and find someone else. I sat by the city walls looking at the “inn” from a distance waiting for him to come out. It was surprising how people didn’t pay me any attention.


Just when I was ready to leave I heard a voice.


“What do you think you’re doing? You’ve been following me this whole time!”


It was the guy who I was following, he looked even bigger than earlier from on the floor, and he had a massive angry vein showing. This was going to take some explaining.

Thank you for reading chapter 19 of this story! How will Maron deal with this dangerous scenario, and how will the other characters fare when they start following people themselves?

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