Followers 2 – The Broken Tournament – Chapter 20

If you’re new to this story then you can catch up here with the prelude.

Our Story so Far: Our adventurers have been following people to their tents so that they can burn them down and eliminate the competition. All the people they are following have entered the tournament illegally and need to be removed. We’ve already seen Maron’s perspective, how will Kil fare as he continues to follow these terrible people?


I watched nervously as Maron followed the man. He was big and dangerous; Maron looked like a mouse in comparison. I could imagine Rick wanting to follow with her to help, but I trusted her ability to look after herself.


None of us liked what we had to do, but it was for the greater good. Maron would be back soon anyway so we would execute the plan and hopefully that would be it, after this nobody from kova would be left.


I picked a target and followed him to his massive tent where there was a huge gathering. They were shouting and jeering to each other. I looked around trying to find Rob, basically retracing my steps until I found him following another person.


“I’ve found the tent he’s sleeping in; there are lots of people there! “I was excited to report the news and stupidly talked way too loudly, attracting the wrong kind of attention. People looked strangely before ignoring us and returning to their day.


“Alright go and find the next one he whispered.” I did what he said picked another target out of the list of fights and followed him.


This time the person was a much slower walker so I had to shuffle along, he went on a long detour, calmly walking around the grounds before eventually finding his tent. This took me about half an hour and annoyingly he slept in the same tent as the previous person I’d found. It was so odd that he went the long way.


I went back to try and find Rob, he was sitting at the place where the arenas were located waiting for the next match to begin so he could follow the next person.


“Found anywhere?” He asked


“No it was just the same place.”


“Yeah everyone I know has been going to the same place as well, one went out of the city but I decided to stop following.” At this time I had a thought, where was Maron? She hadn’t showed up in a very long time, about 40 minutes, so something was taking her a while.


“Have you seen Maron?” I asked him.


“No she’s not shown up, yet, I wonder what’s taking her.”


“Do you think she left the grounds then?” It was a scary thought but it might actually be true.


“She probably did.” Why on earth would she do that though? Surely she could just find someone else?


“Maybe the guy knew she was following him.” No don’t say that, it would mean she’d died.


“I think we should look for her.” I said.


“Yeah, we’ve got the tent we need anyway.”


We walked to the gates together.


“I’ll go left and you go right.” Rob said “Come back if you don’t find her in an hour” and with that he was gone.


To think of where she would be I had to think of where she might follow someone too. The guy would either be staying in an inn or going weapon shopping. If he had been going shopping it wouldn’t have taken Maron this long so I had to exclude that, meaning I was looking for a place where people could stay.


But Maron was a needle in a haystack, she was very difficult to look for. On the way I saw a food shop and decided to enter because we were running low. I had my bag on me with the money so it would be easy. Last time we had just got hard pieces of beef and they worked out quite well. They preserved over long periods of time and didn’t taste too bad. After this I got out and continued looking.

Thank you for reading chapter 20 of this story! This is part 2 of the followers section of the story. What will happen in the conclusion?

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