Don’t Watch Boring Anime, Watch Anime You Enjoy Watching

This post is a response to the previous which can be found here. You should read that first to understand what’s going on in this post.

Yesterday I said don’t watch bad anime and to that I got a mixed response but on the whole the majority agreed with a few exceptions which they told me. By far the point that everyone kept on reiterating in the defense of bad anime is that they enjoy watching it, which at first was strange to me.

Basically my whole idea of what a bad anime was that it was something boring. To me they were synonymous. So the idea of enjoying a bad anime was strange to me as by definition a bad anime should not be enjoyable to watch.

So basically just replace the word “bad” in my last post with “boring” and I think it will make a lot more sense.

All shows that are boring are bad, but not all bad shows are boring. People have said to me that they enjoy bad shows by thinking about what they could do better or seeing in just how many ways it can fail.

If you actually enjoy doing this, and enjoy doing the whole process of watching the bad anime then more power too you. I disagree with the idea that you’ll learn more from it than an actually good show, or that you’d be better off watching something else but I honestly don’t care as long as you like the process of watching!

The post was targeted at people who wasted their time watching bad shows that they also didn’t enjoy, to me that was obvious but now it’s clear that the distinction between bad and boring wasn’t made correctly on my end so this is sort of necessary.

Everything I said about bad anime still applies if it’s also boring but if you enjoy watching it then more power too you!


I was also surprised by the number of people who were completionists. I was extremely hyperbolic towards this group imagining them still struggling through the big four. Obviously I don’t think you’re stupid, and you wouldn’t go so far as to watch 800 episodes just for “completionists” sake.

I would say that their isn’t enough time to give everything that’s less than average a completion where other better anime exist but being a completionist is just a personality trait that I couldn’t really change about someone. Even though they themselves know it’s illogical a lot of the time  you can still feel good after going all the way through the series.

I myself am a completionist, not to anime but to video games. I get that some of the time it might be a pain in the neck but you do feel a satisfaction when you’ve done it. For the record I am only a completionist towards some games, mainly zelda, but not even I’m going to collect all the korok seeds in BOTW, I got half before realising half was all I needed so I stopped!

So yeah that’s my stance on it. I still think that bad anime has less to offer but if you enjoy it then good for you, carry on!

(Also I don’t know what the featured image is so I’m not using that as an example of either a bad or good show. I just imagine that’s the kind of face I’d be pulling while watching a boring show!)

12 thoughts on “Don’t Watch Boring Anime, Watch Anime You Enjoy Watching

  1. I don’t see ‘bad’ and ‘boring’ as synonymous. For example, I think some anime are bad/not made well (graphics look rushed, voice acting doesn’t suit the character, plot is ridiculous) but I might enjoy it still. It still might be interesting and something I like.

    I agree with your points though! I also have a high dropped number, similar to you. The only difference is that I categorize them as ‘On-Hold.’ My actual ‘Dropped’ number is low because those are anime I know I won’t go back for sure. As for my ‘On-Hold’ list, it’s unlikely that I will go back to them because there are so many shows to watch, but it is possible. I’m glad I don’t waste my time on shows I am not interested in. I’m not a completionist at all. 🙂

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    1. Yeah I used to see that but a lot of people have corrected me and I’ve changed my mind!People have different versions of what bad means. To me it’s something that I think is boring (meaning I may as well replace bad anime with boring anime for as long as I anime blog) but to you (and everyone else) it’s different. So I’m the weird one here!

      Yeah glad to hear it! A person online (whose name I’ve forgotten) once said “no anime is ever truely dropped” and I feel like that’s true. If there is a convincing argument for why a show is good I might return to it with that new idea.

      To me though I still used dropped on MAL because the ones I’m most likely to revisit go “on hold” which acts as a sort of short list for easy looking up while the ones I will probably never return to go on dropped.

      Do you have a MyAnimeList by the way?

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      1. Oo, good that you’ve changed your mind on that. 🙂 I do have MAL, but it’s a private account, haha. It’s very incomplete because I keep forgetting to update it. ><

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        1. Oh well, that’s fair enough. I use it to keep track of what shows I watch so I basically have to constantly update it! Yeah it’s also especially difficult if you’ve not updated it in ages because it just feels like a pain to go through.

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  2. To me, personally, you can’t really appreciate a great, a good or an OK anime if you haven’t experienced the bad, or the boring. Because if you’ve only seen good anime then among those is a bad one for you. if you’ve truly experienced a bad anime then you know how good most anime are.
    I do know people that drop anime per their taste, and that’s fine. Telling people to watch to your standards is kinda the iffy thing for me. We experience things differently, so it isn’t right to tell others how to experience stuff. This is just my opinion though. I watch good and bad shows, and I enjoy them all. I am also a completionist because that’s how I experience my anime. xD

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    1. True you can’t really appreciate an anime relative to other bad anime if you’ve not seen bad anime. But you can still appreciate it fine as it’s stand alone thing and have the exact same enjoyment someone else who has watched bad anime will have. I think you can appreciate that show just fine but just not relatively.

      My attitude is that everyone has watched bad anime unless they’re extremely lucky and keep on watching things they like. This is because you’ve got to try out a series to see if you want to watch it and if it’s bad you won’t want to watch it and will probably drop it. I feel like that experience alone is good enough to appreciate it on the level you’re talking about. Also if you’re reason for continuing a bad show is “it will help me appreciate good anime later” then I think that’s a really bad reason. You’re basically deliberately torturing yourself to make other shows look good!

      Now that you mention it, saying it like that makes me feel a bit iffy as well. What I will say though is that I’m not saying this to try and make people watch on my “standards” if I were these posts would be very different. I’m doing this because I think people would have a better experience with anime if they avoided shows they found boring and people would generally feel better about anime as a whole watching this way. I’m also doing it because I think better shows are so much more enjoyable and I want people to be enjoying anime more than finding it boring!

      I mean I’ve changed my opinion a lot recently due to so many great comments, yours included, and I feel like my “standards” are all over the place right now! Originally I thought that people shouldn’t watch bad anime because it was boring, then people started saying “but I enjoy bad anime” and thought “yeah!” changing my whole stance to shows you think are boring and don’t enjoy watching.

      If you watch good and bad shows and enjoy them all that’s great! I just don’t think you should watch shows you don’t enjoy.

      I think you’re right about telling people to change though, it was quite confrontational which is why I probably got a lot of comment responses! I think it would be better if I phrased things like this as arguments in the future as it creates better discussion and is less accusing! Also sorry this was so long!


      1. you say enjoy something stand alone, yet you say a blanket term like “do not watch bad anime”. so, i think there’s a problem here. also, i assure you the experience of some that avoids bad anime is not the same as someone that has seen a truly awful anime. you say this and yet you only watch good anime, right?

        you seem to think watching bad anime is torture. i guess this means you reall don’t watch them. so you’ve never seen a “so bad its good anime”, or a cringy anime, or a stupidly unself aware show or even just something people celebrate for its meme. you seem to think “bad” means its just negative and it’s not. Also, the catharsis os discovering a truly good or great anime seems to be something you’ve never experience since you’ve never walked on the other side.

        better shows are so much enjoyable. you see, it’s subjective. I personally experienced a ton of awful anime and you’ll be surprised to see a ton of people like these shows. These are “bad” for me but good for them. my standards is different from them, so even me, who has seen close to a thousand, reviewed close to 450 would never throw a blanket term like “don’t watch bad anime”

        it also seems like you only watch “good anime” that others have dictated as “good”, and I wholeheartedly disagree. Since taste is subjective, I always urge people to try discovering anime for themselves. Be it good or bad, you’ll never find the anime that speaks true to you if you limit yourselves to what other people tihnk is good.

        and I apologize for this comment. I honestly just dissected your argument but it comes off as if i’m attacking you personally. I’m sorry if it comes off like that you as well. Again, this is just my opinion. And I’m really just sharing my opinion on your “confrontational statement” as well.

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        1. No worries it’s probably my fault for making this comment thing turn like this in the first place!

          I try to watch good anime now, but I can’t always do that. I used to watch a lot of bad anime in the past, which is why I felt able to say this whole statement.

          No I changed my entire mind on “bad” it’s now don’t watch boring things, watch what you enjoy, You can enjoy bad anime and I’ve enjoyed all the type of bad shows you’ve mentioned because they’re not boring so I watch them! That’s the main requirement for me, if a show can hold your interest then it doesn’t even matter.

          I think you also don’t get what I mean when I say an anime is bad. All it means is that I think it’s bad. So when I say don’t watch boring anime I don’t mean “Listen to me this is a boring show don’t watch it.” I mean “Try it for yourself and if you think it’s boring stop.”

          This is why I think it’s weird that you say don’t tell people not to watch boring anime. I don’t mean consensus boring at all! I mean their opinion, watch an episode (or 3) and then decide for yourself! How could I possibly suggest that everyone has the exact same taste and a boring show is boring for everyone?

          I agree with your second to last paragraph and that’s what I actively do as well. I try out tonnes of different anime (which is why I drop it all the time) and find out for myself what I like and don’t like,

          I hope this clears things up! Sorry if this comment was attacking you personally as well, I don’t intend it. This has been great feedback.


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