The Last Jedi Ruined Everything, was good though

I recently got the chance to watch the last jedi for free so I took up that chance and watched it on a huge projector type screen, with many other people, in a field in the middle of nowhere.

I went in sort of knowing I would enjoy it, because I had watched a lot of reviews and the parts that were praised I really liked and everything bad I was just like “ok I guess”.

And that’s how watching the film went, I saw it slowly destroying star wars and sort of enjoyed it anyway.

The most important part to make a film good for me is enjoyment, nothing else matters if I have a good time. So when Leia survived in space, when Rei and Kylo were joined together and Luke teleported, I sort of didn’t care because it was a fun time.

I can really imagine the perspective of someone who hated the film, they would have seen Leia breathing in space and thought “this is dumb” and it got them into a negative head space which led to them criticising the whole film. The parts that broke the logic of star wars where fairly frequent and lasted a long time which I could see being a problem for a lot of people.

Since I’m already fairly done with caring about star wars on any level outside of entertainment this really worked well for me.

This shot looks pretty terrible but it was the closest thing I could find to the scene I was talking about, the actual film looks a heck of a lot better than this (not like a plastic toy)

The huge battle at the start between space ships was so great, the idea of a battle on top of a huge enemy space ship is such a good idea and that shot of the bomber ship travelling directly down the middle of the ship, surrounded by ships on both sides was so good!

I really liked how Finns character arc continued from the previous film and I liked how that was still his struggle for what he should do. As an ex storm trooper and a bit of a coward it was really nice to see.

A lot of people also criticised Rose and Snoke as being pretty bad, but from my perspective they weren’t even in the film long enough for it to matter! Snoke only appeared for like 10 minutes max and if you didn’t like him, well he’s dead so who cares? He made such an insignificant part of both films that it really doesn’t matter to me.

Rose was more relevant to the film and people didn’t seem to like her either. The thing is that she was a convincing mechanic and really believable to be in that type of situation. She became sort of pointless after she first helped them but she had sort of become part of the same team by then, she had a clear investment in the survival of the alliance and wanted to help.

Then Luke Skywalker was quite interesting to me and I could see a lot of people disliking him. The thing is that people change and Luke’s change is fairly understandable. Luke was the last jedi for a very long time and spent the majority of his work teaching people to become like him. So when all of that turns upside down it’s very easy to see him becoming bitter like the way he was at the start of the film. Heck even if that never happened I don’t find it hard to believe that he would become that way naturally!

Now it’s not like the movie was perfect except for logical stupidities, I had more things that annoyed me. Something I’ve noticed about the new star wars films is that the dialogue and the sound effects really need some audio editing. There are way too many times when you can’t understand what anyone is saying due to either low voices, loud sound effects or funny accents. Someone who is really bad in this way is Kylo Ren who speaks in such a way that I often can’t understand him, he has a low voice, often slurs his lines and tends to have sound effects that completely go over what he’s saying.

To be honest this fact was the main idea why I hated Rouge 1, I could hardly understand anything that anyone was saying! Granted I watched The last Jedi in a place where the speakers might not be the best and same for rouge 1 (on a plane) so I’m not going to condemn them for this as it’s likely a problem on my end rather than the other way around. But still, the fact that the audio can do this is something that I completely dislike.


Moving on to praise star wars uses special effects to make the world of star wars so much more interesting awe inspiring than ever before. The original star wars had you very interested in the characters, but the world, not as much. The prequels tried to use special effects to make the world more vivid but it was just horribly done, looked terrible and honestly didn’t communicate a very interesting world because perfect worlds aren’t interesting! My favourite sort of futuristic world is something like ghost in the shell since despite being futuristic it still has many problems and is often grimy and dirty which is more believable to me.

The new star wars really changes this and actually uses cgi advanced enough to make a convincing and interesting world, and the parts that were cgi were replicated effectively through real life filming to make the setting even more believable.

Forgot to say this earlier but Yoda’s force ghost didn’t ruin anything in the last jedi, as you can see he was already there in the last episode of the originals! If you want to complain about that you can blame episode 6!

This star wars film was also very different from any other as it was all about an escape and being tracked through hyper space (another thing that breaks star wars by the way) which means that the characters tend to be reacting to the danger instead of the other way around. People tend to find reactionary protagonists much less compelling than protagonists that strive to do things on their own. The people in this star wars film were mostly reactionary.

Even with that though it was impressive how the characters made their own actions, seeing people go against orders, find code breakers and face off against Snoke. It wasn’t just an escape however I feel like a lot of people hated that they were just running away the whole time and they didn’t really do anything. I get that but I’m just like “whatever, was good anyway” so that’s my perspective on the film, I hope you enjoyed it!

What did you think?

Also I’ve suddenly become quite interested in films so expect more film reviews/discussions like this in the future in addition to my normal anime content!

16 thoughts on “The Last Jedi Ruined Everything, was good though

  1. My biggest issue is how pointless so much of the film is from a plot point of view. The entirety of Rose and Finn’s quest on the planet could be cut without actually changing the plot in any manner. The whole bit with Poe rebelling against Holdo was entirely unnecessary and just made Poe look ridiculous, though Holdo not pointing out that there was a plan earlier was just causing unnecessary tension showing that her leadership kind of sucked in the first place. Leia didn’t need to survive. They could have actually committed to killing her off given the situation, and given she didn’t do a thing for the remainder of the movie her survival was ultimately pointless. Almost everything with Luke and Rey was repetitive. The amount of actual content between those two could have been reduced to five minutes but they just kept going back and forth over the I won’t teach you, teach me, you’re afraid, force bad, blah, blah.
    I actually don’t mind if they want to take Star Wars in a new direction. And I don’t mind new characters or ideas. What hurts the movie is that from a narrative point of view they cheapen every single event by making it largely meaningless.
    Sorry if that sounds ranty, but the more I thought about this film over the last year the more I realised nothing in it actually amounts to anything.

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    • Well Finn and Rose’s quest to the casino was part of the plot so you’d have to change that. It seemed quite clear to me that it was setting up that kid with a ring at the end of the film. It might not have changed anything but it was supposed to change things, they failed in their plan, but the whole time they were trying to solve things and work it out, I think it was something quite fun to cut too so it didn’t feel so dark all the time.

      Poe acting the way he did in conjunction with Holdo made the rebels feel hopeless to me. Theirs not really been a film better at getting across the difference between the very weak alliance and powerful enemies. Sure it might be pointless but for the whole film you don’t think that at all, it’s engaging and you hope that their plan works. Instead of going “this was pointless” it was more like “thank god there was another plan to save these guys”. Because of that extra detail I think Holdo’s plan also made more sense as she wouldn’t tell Poe since his plan might actually work and they might not have to fight as soon as they land on their base.

      Yeah Leia was stupid, it’s possible to use force in that way through space (equal and opposite reactions) but actually surviving being in there, no. It’s sad because they probably will have to kill her off anyway since she’s dead now and dead actors are difficult to recreate in film well. I think I see what they were trying to do, with Luke and Han dying they wanted at least another person left so that people wouldn’t be sad about all the old cast dying, didn’t work out though!

      While there was a back and forth Rei still did a lot through this and Skywalker saw that and was slowly persuaded. It wouldn’t work to have him instantly change so I really don’t mind. Learning about him and why he’s like that is interesting.

      I wouldn’t necessarily say that cheapening is happening. The event of the rebels escaping from the enemy was made so much more by dedicating the whole film to it, normally people wouldn’t even think of that!

      I think it does more than you think. A lot of that casino with Finn was developing his character to make him join the rebels and Rei killed Snoke and nearly joined with Kylo Ren! That’s pretty special!


      • While I might buy the Holdo/Poe thing having some value, Finn and Rose were sent on a fetch quest and one that could easily have been written out. They could have just skipped the planet, snuck straight into the enemy ship, gotten caught, and the story would have ended exactly the same without feeling like thirty minutes of screen time was taken up because someone wanted a free the animals sub-plot thrown in.

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          • That’s a lot of screen time taken for a minor set up. Even while watching the film, it felt like an elaborate fetch quest that ultimately yielded nothing. Even if this wasn’t a Star Wars film, movies that waste their own run time annoy me.
            I put the Finn and Rose side quest up there with the dragon chase scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in terms of totally unnecessary sequences that someone in production thought would look cool but served no purpose.

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            • ah yeah, to me the casino didn’t feel very long though, like 10-15 mins to me. Maybe it just went faster because I enjoyed it. I think it probably was pointless except for enjoyment and adding something to cut to so that the film would have variety.

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  2. Personally I’m not a big fan of TLJ or either of two movies that came prior to it. I just don’t like the entire approach they’re talking the films are ok but don’t compare storywise to the Legends books they replaced and Rouge One replaces Kyke Kataran stealing the Death Star plans and both were unnecessary imo. While the movies are enjoyable and better than the prequels they just don’t stack up to the stories that came before in the expanded universe so as canon I just don’t enjoy it.

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    • That is understandable, I have no idea about any of that stuff really but it’s a shame they got rid of good stories. I’m wondering if they even looked at that stuff, incorporated some of it into their films or just changed it to switch the focus of the film from plot to characters. I don’t know though, sounds like changing everything in rouge one didn’t make a lot of sense.

      Yeah I see that as well, it must suck watching a story that’s less good than another story they could have made instead which is better.

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      • Yeah, the expanded universe was lit. They’ve seemingly done some nods to it with Han and Leia’s son becoming a sith or rather dark side user. For the most part it seems like Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy don’t care for Star Wars as a franchise or it’s fans and that seems to be a theme with Disney when they get people to work on different established IP’s. Rouge One was honestly a bit of a mess the main character was too stoic and the cast was wasted.

        It’s pretty bad watching them lower the bar for Star Wars but it’s even worse that Disney scrapped all the expanded universe content even though most wouldn’t effect the Disney canon.

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        • Yeah from my perspective the expanded universe is very very niche and I never really thought it mattered so I get why the creators might have skipped it, they shouldn’t have done that really and now I think it’s probably to make money. Instead of having pre-existing material for people to buy they want to create new exciting things for people to spend money. For a lot of people the phrase “expanded universe” is a real put off, like something to avoid, so by not adapting it I think they just want to ignore the negative stigma to get a more mainstream audience. I think in retrospect this wouldn’t matter but I’m just imagining what the creators were thinking.

          Yeah it’s a shame that they did that.

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          • The expanded universe is niche but only because it’s pretty well known by the core Star Wars fanbase and not so much the folk who only really watch the movies or shows. They might’ve tried to do it to make money but even then with the way it’s set up there’s a ton of blank spaces they could fill in or hell adapt some of the arcs in the novels into films like The Yuuzhan Vong War (which takes place around the same time as the new films) and those could easily draw the core and mainstream fans. What I find odd is how they’re letting the bad writing just happen and ignoring fan outcry despite Star Wars products not selling all too well.

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            • Oh right it sounds like a lot more people know about it than I realised! Yeah it’s a real shame really, and I never would have considered adapting the expanded universe which in retrospect was a pretty valid thing to consider.

              Yeah they obviously aren’t trying to include bad writing on purpose but they should focus more on their scripts and what the fans want in a way that doesn’t rip off the originals.

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