So What Now?

Now that the anime database has been completed I’ll be moving on to something else. Wait, no, that’s not true. The ADB is far from over and there is still plenty of work to do for it. For example there aren’t a lot of links in the “recommended post” section that work because the post wouldn’t have been out when I wrote it. Now everything is out and those links need updating, there is a lot of work to be done behind the scenes that you probably won’t even notice.

So instead of writing posts for the future I’ll be writing these things called update logs (or something like that) where I catalog changes that I’ve done and I give you links to find them. There are a lot of terrible reviews I want to improve in ADB as well as shows that I’ve re-watched and completely changed my stance on, in cases like those I will just re-release the post with the changes in place.

So yeah that’s what I’m doing now, see you in a couple of months when I’ve finally finished this thing!


Also I no longer have daily posts which is sad, used to have 2 posts per day for so long as well! I’ve just got lazy and stopped doing anything to do with blogging. It sort of has something to do with going to University next week!

Anyway I was always thinking of doing one of those 30 day challenge sort of things to make me keep up with it, that will probably happen a bit later though, or never I guess.

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